Chapter 46

"Miss. Jones, mind telling us about where you are lost? We would love to bring you back to earth so you pay attention in the class." Ava was looking out of the window during the class, when the teacher saw her. 

"Umm, Sorry ma'am." She looked down in her book while the teacher rolled her eyes before resuming her teaching. 

Ava clutched her teeth tight and raised her head to focus. Her gaze eventually crossed the room and met with the dark pair of eyes that had been staring at her through out. 


He was sitting with Dylan. The two guys were looking at her. Ethan with emotionless eyes while Dylan with sympathy. 

Ava ignored them both and concentrated on the diagram that teacher was explaining. 

'I hate them both. They are liars and cheaters.' She played with her pen, still being able to feel Ethan'

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