Chapter 48

Ava's POV

Yet another few hours rolled by with me shedding my tears of pain. The dilemma won't let me breathe peacefully. My heart felt heavy. As if it was weighed with the burden of something I was to be accused.

While the sky darkened pitch black, stars twinkled quite aggressively. But here, in the room, I felt suffocated. My lungs won't swell properly, I could not breath deeply.

This room was making my breathing hard which is why, I immediately pulled out a jacket and threw it around my back, and came out of my room.

My legs halted at the door, the conversation I had with Noah now bothered me. It led me to look at the door of his room, it was closed. I wished to go inside and hug him, but my body would not follow it.

I had mixed feelings. Sympathy and anger combined. I wanted my brother back as my best brother. I wanted the both of us to be best sib

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