Chapter 51

A veil of darkness clutched her vision unseen. Ava could see nothing. Her limbs hurt and head spun. Though there was that veil before her eyes still she can sense unusual happenings taking place around her.

She can hear it. A sound of metal striking on something. It was intense and loud. Not ears deafening but a noise that brought a wave of terror along with it and crashed against the wall of her heart, shuddering her.

And then there was that voice. Slow and quiet. Heavy with piss and husky with grunt. She also heard loud breathing beside it which indicated labour. Whoever it was, was working hard. Striking hard and breathing hard.

Alas her body won’t support her thoughts. She had an important urge to see this person as well as the task he had undertaken and why. Unfortunately, the cover of her lids won’t elevate and let her see a thing.

Not until she heard the voice clear a

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