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A few months later, 

The entire school building was decorated with a Pride theme. There were long strings of rainbow flags tied from one end of the two walls to another in each corridor. 

Students giggled and shot pictures under a tree that was yet again decorated with colours reflecting pride celebration. Their t-shirts had unicorns or rainbows while a circular batch on their chest glowed, that read, 'I support LGBT' 

The floor had glitters. There were rainbow balloons stuck on the wall. Girls wore rainbow tiaras and tassel garlands while the boys had rainbow wigs put on. 

There was no wall within the school building that didn't have pride hashtags. Various tags were scribbled on colourful chart papers and stuck out there. From #supportlgbt #lovefindsitsway #pride #iamproudofmyself and many more. Some creative souls have used VIBGYOR colours on their hashta


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