Epilogue II

A month later, 

Eiden threw the file on the floor in frustration, "What are you doing, boss?" His secretary entered the room with another set of files, Eiden yelled in frustration, "Take that away from my eyes!" 

"They're due tomorrow, so you need to have a look at them by today," His secretary argued. 

"Argh!" He pulled his hair in frustration. "Should I just quit this all and just be a book store owner?" He asked his secretary with a serious look on his face. 

"You don't have the luxury to play hooky," His secretary replied with a straight face. 

"Look at this, we were supposed to go out on a date but I have this amount of work" He looked at the stacks of files on his table, "she flatly rejected me" He complained.

"I'm glad that she is a good influence on you," Jerry smiled at him. 

"Excuse me?" Eiden narrowed his eyes at him. 

"I mean I have a good idea, boss," His secretary cleared his thr

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