Chapter Twenty 3. Hunter

 Sally lay between them, spooned by Celeste and her head on Hunter's chest. He stroked a gentle hand up and down her arm as she talked in the dark room, both exhausted and wired all at once. Whenever she paused to breathe one of them would reminder her she should be resting.

After the last time Hunter looked over her red head, catching Celeste's amused eye. They were both tired and relieved too, and tonight was likely to be just as exhausting and terrifying. He raised an eyebrow and Celeste nodded. 

Mid sentence Hunter tilted Sally's face from his chest, bearing down on her open lips. He took advantage of them being parted, running his tongue along the bottom lip before dipping into her mouth. Sally moaned in surprise, but slid her tongue along his, kissing back forcefully. He rolled, pulling her on top of him, settling so she was lying on his chest. Her small warm form molded to his as she tasted him and he could feel Celeste's golden eyes watching them. He

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