Chapter Twenty One 1. Sally

 Sally clung so tight to Celeste and Hunter’s hands she was sure she was cutting off the circulation. She couldn’t help it. She was beyond terrified. Everything about this frightened her.

Nona had explained, in detail, that they couldn’t be sure what this would do to her. It was akin to becomeing the Matriarch, it would connect her to the Clan in a way no one else was. The books and stories were very vague on what occurred to the Mate, it appeared the last one had been completed before the Clan had transitioned to a written history. Which was swell. What did exist said she’d either fail or pass.

Her mind swam with 'what ifs'. What if she died? What if she survived but still failed? What would that look like? Would she go crazy? Would she be locked inside her own mind and be a drooling mess?

So far no one thought so, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

Celeste squeezed her hand back, pressing her warm lips to S

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