Chapter Twenty One 2. Celeste

Celeste barely had a moment to step forward as the bowl dropped from Sally's fingers and she went down like a sack of shit. Hunter was right with her as Sally's mind appeared to scream out before it was gone. Last night their Mate bond had felt fuzzy, now it felt like it was entirely gone. Holding her mate to her chest she bared her teeth at the women in front of her.

"What have you done?" she snarled before a mighty wind rushed out from the bush, snuffing out the torches as the last of the light of dusk leached out of the sky. The echos of a hyena wail filled the air and Celeste held Sally's body even closer to her own, trying to shield her from whatever was coming.

Because out of the tree line walked five of the largest hyenas she had ever seen. Their coats seemed to be made out of starlight and they didn't appear to be entirely there. It took her far longer then it should have to realise these were the ancestors Sally had talked of non stop this morning. Still, she felt a little saf
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Mel Dixon
MWhahaha just in time for me to complete another chapter :)
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Ahh finally caught up!! I’m so happy for all of them ?
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Jasmin Oliver Sinegar

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