Chapter Twenty One 3. Hunter

Hunter had pulled on a pair of boxes before he had laid down next to Sally. Her breathing was starting to even and she looked like she was finally starting to actually rest. He pressed his body against her back, just needing to hold her for a while, taking in the scent of fire in her hair. She was just so many things, and the trouble would be over now.

Ensuring the Clan had two Matriarchs would work in everyone's favour. Luna liked to be here more then anywhere else, she would be able to appease the old fogies more then Celeste ever could and give the illusion of them having some sort of power. They would also keep each other honest, ensuring both of the sister's had the Clan's interests at heart.

::Will you be long?:: he prodded Celeste gently ::You should be here when she wakes.::

::I will try not to be,:: she sounded flustered and it made him smile. ::Everyone wants to talk to me, but I'll leave Luna to it soon.::

At least most of the Clan was legitima

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