Chapter Four 1. Sally

Sally was exceptionally grateful that her apartment was just far enough away that she could comfortably angry walk home. Cause she was so, so very angry.

Kyra had been confused at her change after returning from her toilet break.  Sally had been tight lipped, she still had a lot to learn about the politics of the place before she would feel comfortable ragging on the boss.

Thankfully Mr North stayed in his office all afternoon, only paging through to Kyra when he needed anything.  It made Sally mortified to realise he’d only been visiting them all those times before to scope her out.

As such Sally gave him no extra reason to spend time with her. At 4:20 on the dot she picked up her bag, said thank you to Kyra, and stalked home.

How DARE he do that. She didn’t care how young, pretty and seemingly unattached someone was. He was married. His wife was one of her bosses. She worked at the same fucken building as they did. What had he thought, that she’d be his little piece on the side?

And Celeste. Sally’s heart ached. She didn’t deserve a husband who thought it was ok to proposition his staff.How many other women had he tried it with? How many had said yes? She didn’t think he’d tried it with Kyra, the way she interacted with everyone hinted to the fact she was both happily married and not above chewing someone out when they were being a dick.

Did Celeste know? Did it have any connection to her walking out of the interview? Had she taken one look at Sally and realised she was her husband’s type?

Oh god, did she already assume Sally was the kind of girl to knowingly sleep with a married man?

Sally knew her thoughts were spiralling as she took the steps into her apartment building, but there wasn’t much she could do about that. The whole thing had her a mess and she was seconds away from sending in her resignation.

Yuki jumped in surprise when she banged the door coming into the house. 

“Sorry,”Sally cringed, apologising. “I forgot you’d be home by now.”

“I thought you were going to work late,” she counted, watching closely as Sally threw her bag against the hallway wall and toed off her shoes. “What changed?”

“My boss did,” Sally heaved a frustrated sigh as she sat down next to her best friend. “Everything was going fine till he asked me out on a date.”

“Oh,” she nodded, “and you said?”

Sally bumped her shoulder against Yuki’s, a short, dark chuckle slipping out. “No, of course.”

“Oh,” Yuki said again, making Sally look at her incredulously.

“You don’t think I should have said yes, do you? The man’s not only my boss, but he’s married to my other boss. Even if I didn’t give a flying fuck about him being married, the probability of her finding out and firing my home wrecker arse is pretty high.”

Yuki sighed, running a hand through her short hair. “Look, you know I’d be totally on board with you pepper spraying the prick normally, but hear me out.” Yuki turned smoothly to face her fully, hands slightly in the air as if trying to sooth her. 

Sally was entirely surprised with this change of events. She had never had an issue with bitching out the men who approached her at the supermarket, and there they didn’t even know if the guy had a family waiting at home. But here it was like she was almost defending the guy.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s something about these two,” she paused, obviously trying to come up with the best way to say what was going through her mind. “Something feels different.”

“You think I should have gone on a date with him?” Sally wasn’t sure who was currently posing as her best friend, but it was starting to freak her out. “I don’t even know if I like him like that!”

“But you like his wife, right?” She prodded.

Sally shrugged. “It’s just a crush.” Maybe, a traitorous part of her whispered. “ I am not about to break up a marriage on a crush.”

“So don’t go out with him yet,” Yuki grinned, sitting back, “but there’s nothing saying you can’t find out from her if she is happy with him dating.”


When Sally came in early the next day with an apology coffee for her boss and a aching head from the lack of sleep, Celeste was standing near the photocopier.

Sally hadn’t seen her since Monday, and she was sure the woman had only grown more beautiful since then. Rich, dark hair hung out in waves to her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face perfectly. Her full bottom lip was pulled between her teeth as she concentrated on the machine in front of her. She was taller then Sally by almost a full head and a slate grey suit followed her curves in all the right places.

Taking a deep breath Sally moved towards her, the office was empty this early and she doubted she’d get another chance to talk to her anytime soon.

“Mrs North?”

Golden eyes collided with hers as Sally came closer. She didn’t appear surprised to see Sally before her. In fact, she smiled warmly in greeting, dimples appearing in her cheeks. Sally had to bite back a swoon.

Just a crush, my arse, she thought furiously.

“I’m your husband’s new PA. Sally-“

“Smith,” Mrs North finished for her in a purr, forcing a shiver up Sally’s back. “I am aware, congratulations on the position.”

When their hands touched it was like a bolt of lighting skimmed up her arm, making her bite back a gasp. Mrs North’s pupils dilated in front of her as she sucked in a deep breath, like she was smelling her.

“Celeste,” her voice dropped lower, husky. “Please just call me Celeste.”

“Celeste,” Sally breathed, unable to take her eyes off her. She appeared to shiver when Sally said her name and she had to swallow hard.

“Your husband asked me out on a date.” She blurted out. She let go of the woman’s hand, covering her face in shock. Why had she felt the need to tell her like that? What the hell was wrong with her?

“Did he now?” Celeste chuckled throatily. Sally peeked through her fingers. So far she wasn’t fired, so that was good. Celeste almost seemed amused that Sally was telling her this. “And will you?”

“Will I what?” She managed as Celeste took a step closer, gazing down at her.

“Will you go out on a date with Hunter?”

At this point Sally was sure she’d give up her first born if Celeste just kept looking at her like that.  Her breath hitched and all she could do was nod.

Celeste leant down, her breath fluttering against Sally’s parted lips. “Good.” And then she leant forward the last part, pressing her full lips against Sally’s in a hungry kiss.

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