Lily's Secret
Lily's Secret
Author: YnahRivera


"Stop complaining about the stares, Miracle. Blame your looks." Jibee glared at me

I groaned "I moved here to have a peaceful high school life! Why can't I just have it?"

"Just like what I've said, blame your looks. I mean, look at you! You're beautiful, sexy and attractive. You catch everyone's attention."

We continue to walk. The students kept on giving me stares of admiration. I mentally rolled my eyes.

When we got inside our classroom, everyone's attention was all on me again. It's been two weeks since I transferred here, why can't they just get over it?

I ignored all of them and made our way to our seats.

"Jenny is looking at you." Jibee whispered

I frowned and searched for the Queen bee. Our eyes met. Her cold stares sent shivers to me.

I looked down and tried to relax myself.

"Is she still looking at me?" I asked Jibee

"No. I think she's threatened by your sudden popularity here." Shared Jibee

"I don't want any trouble, Jibee. That's the last thing I want to happen."

The teacher came and started the discussion. While listening, Jibee poked my arm.

"What?" I whispered

"Look outside." She whispered back

I saw a man in black suit. I rolled my eyes. I should talk to dad about this stuff.

I raised my hand and said, "Sir, can I go to the restroom?"

"Just be quick, Ms. Miracle."

I smiled and rushed outside the room. I pulled my bodyguard's arm and went to a corner where no one could see us.

"What are you doing here?" I sternly asked

"Sorry, young master. Mr. Miracle asked me to look after you. I'm just doing my job."

I sighed "You can do your job but please not here in school. You can guard my apartment but not here in school. I want to keep my profile as low as possible. I am safe here."

"But your dad made that order." He said, afraid of my dad

"I will tell my dad about this. Now go before anyone can see us." I shooed him


"My dad is always a pain in my ass." I complained while we are walking to cafeteria

"Why?" Jibee asked

"He sent my bodyguard to look after me. How can I keep my profile low?"

I sat down while Jibee bought our food. She went back with two sandwiches and drinks in a tray.

"Thanks." I thanked her

She smiled "Have you talked to your dad about that?"

"I haven’t, maybe later after school." I said before taking a bite to my sandwich

"I don't understand you. Your family owned a multi billion company and yet you want to keep your profile low. High school life is also about popularity, you know."

I shook my head "Popularity is not my thing, Ji. I had enough drama at home that's why I moved here, being popular will attract more drama. You get me, right?"

Jibee nodded "Of course."

I took my phone from my pocket and asked Jibee for a selfie.

"For what, Lily?" She asked

"I'll just update my dad. I didn't send him a text this morning, I'm sure he's kind of worried now."

We took a selfie and I sent it to my dad with a caption 'Sorry for not texting you this morning. I'm having my recess with Jibee. Take care, dad. Love you.'

We resumed talking about some stuff when my phone vibrated. My dad replied. 
'I see. I'm glad that Jibee is not leaving your side. The bodyguard I sent to you reported to me, I'm sorry about that. I just want my princess to be safe. You understand daddy, right?'

I smiled, dad always calls me princess. Some will refuse to be called by that at the end of this but not me. I enjoyed being called princess by my dad because he always makes me feel like one.

I typed 'I understand, dad but I am safe here. You talked to the principal right? I am safe here.'

"He replied?" Jibee asked me

"Yup. He already talked 'bout the bodyguard."

'But can I at least send your butler to your school? He will enroll and not tell anyone about your profile, just a favor from daddy, please?' Dad replied with a picture of him pouting

I laughed 'How can I resist this old man?'

'Okay, daddy. When?' I replied while biting my sandwich

'Next week. He'll stay in your apartment, is that okay with you?'

'Sure, I miss that ugly duckling.'

Dad didn't reply anymore.


We were in our history class when I felt Jibee's phone vibrate because she's just sitting beside me.

She frowned while secretly reading the text message.

"What wrong?" I asked, worried about her

"My parents will be gone for three months for a business trip." She said completely disappointed about the news "I'll be alone again for three fucking months." She complained

"You can stay at my apartment if you want." I suggested while giving her a stupid smile

She giggled "I guess I will have my vacation to your apartment then."



"She's taking my popularity away from me!" I complained to Rose

"She's not even trying to steal your popularity, Jen."

"That's my point! She's not trying and yet everyone's attention is on her!"

Rose chuckled at making me piss more.

"This is serious, Rose." I said giving a warning look

"Let the newbie go, Jen. This is just temporary, students are just curious about her." Rose advised

I looked over to Lily who was busy texting someone while having recess with Jibee.

"You saw that guy in black suit during our English class?" I asked Rose not taking my sight off Miracle

"Yeah, why?"

"I saw the badge in his suit. They have the same badge that my daddy's boss bodyguards have."

"Are you sure? Your dad's work is in Canada, how can that guy be here?"

"That guy was looking at Miracle, then he disappeared after Miracle went to the restroom." I said, staring at Lily

"You think Lily is hiding something?"

I shrugged, taking my sight away from Lily "I do feel but I can't pinpoint it."


I glared when I saw Lily and Jibee having conversation while our history teacher was discussing.

"That's the tenth glare of you for today." Rose whispered to me

"Eleventh." I said then glared at her

She chuckled and I smiled.

"Reporting will start next week. You'll report alphabetically, students with surnames start from A-M go to my office after school to get your topic." The teacher announced before walking out from the room

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