Chapter 3


I'm gay

I'm gay

I'm gay

"Ughh!" I buried my face under my pillow

"What's the matter?" Barbie asked

"Jones" I uttered

"What about her?" 

I sat up "she wants to be my friend" 

She closed the magazine she's reading "Really?" 

"Remember the day I got late?" 

"Yup, why?" 

"It happened that Rielle was running late that time too, she dumped at me then we talked, then... She asked if she can be my friend so I dared her to tell me her 3 secrets." 


"She said she's gay!" 


I sighed "I don't know." 

"What did you say to her after her confession?" 

"I walked away." 


"I don't know how to react and what to do that time! I was shocked! The famous volleyball player in St. Vincent high is gay! What do you expect me to say 'oh okay' or..." 

Barbie cut me off "Okay, okay, that's enough! I understand. The thing that I don't understand is... Why are you so bothered about it? You can just ignore her just like what you're doing for years." 

Why am I so bothered anyway? 

I groaned and buried my face against my palm "I don't know!" 

"Are you scared?" 

I removed my hands from my eyes "Scared? Scared of what?" 

"You say Rielle is gay, right?" Barbie smirked

I raised my right eyebrow "And?"

"You're scared that if you allow Rielle to be your friend you will..." 

"I will what?" 

Barbie opened the magazine "I don't know" 

I threw a pillow to her "You're crazy!" 


"Glaiza! Wait!" Rielle yelled, running behind me

I groaned, stopped from walking and turned around "you have five minutes" 

"Wait!" She said holding her chest while breathing heavily

I glared at her "what do you want?" 

She straightened up “About what happened last week, you know 'bout the secret thingy. I understand if you don't want me to be your friend 'cause you're obviously ignoring me after that day, but can... Can you keep my secret a secret? Please?" 

I looked to her eyes "Okay" 

She smiled "Thanks" 

I turned around "Meet me in the parking lot after school" I said walking away, good thing there's no student here in the hallway


"You heard me!" I yelled 


I looked at my watch "She's ten minutes late" 

Minutes had passed and finally I saw Rielle running towards me.

"Glaiza!" She shouted

"Stop shouting my name, Jones!" 

She giggled "Sorry" 

"You're late" I said to her

She scratched the back of her head "Sorry, I'm afraid that you don't like students seeing us together that's why I waited for them to go home first" 

I leaned against my rover and crossed my arms "Forgiven. Don't make me wait again. Anyways, I want to talk to you" 

"Wait!" She said taking off her shirt

I covered my eyes using my right hand "what the fuck Rielle! What the hell are you doing?!" 

She chuckled "Relax! I'll just change my shirt!" 

"You're crazy!" 

"Okay, It's safe now" She said

I removed my hand from my eyes "Don't do that again, someone might see you" 

Geez! She have fucking toned stomach. 


I cleared my throat "You're wrong, I want you to be my friend. Let's be friend, secretly" 

She frowned "Secretly?" 

I nodded "Yes." 

"I don't get your point here. If you are just playing tricks at me, then forget about it." She said walking away

"Hey! I'm just.... Can you just hear me out first?" 

She stopped walking and turned around "Okay" 

"Come here first" 

She walked back to me "Happy?" 

"Stop being so sarcastic, Jones. Okay, I said secretly 'cause I still don't know how to do this. I mean, you know, having a friend except for Barbie." 

She leaned against my car beside me "You are just afraid" 

I turned my head and looked at her "Afraid?" 

She nodded "You are afraid because I'm gay, you are afraid if you let me to be your friend and someone will know that I'm gay...." 

I slapped her face "How dare you! I didn't judge you for being a gay! Did you heard something from me about you, being a gay? Nothing right?" 

She held her right cheek "How do you expect me to think? You just left me after my 'famous confession', I understand 'cause even my parents can't accept me from what and who I am." She said and started to cry

Oh no.

I immediately hugged her "I'm different from them. If your parents didn't accept you then they are blind, they can't see how amazing you are as a person." 

"Tha..thank you." She sobbed

To be honest, I was blind also or should I say I refused to see how amazing Rielle’s personality is, maybe because of how different we are from each other.

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