Chapter 5

Rielle’s POV

Glaiza told me yesterday that she will drive me to school today but I think that she already forgot it 'cause I just have 10 minutes before my first period and she's not here yet.

Why would she even remember? I'm just a secret friend.

I tried to call her many times but she's not answering. 

"Uhg! Glaiza! I don't have any plan to ruin my perfect attendance." I uttered “Well, it’s perfect anymore.”

All of a sudden a red ferrari stopped in front of me.

I frowned. Who the hell is this? 

The love of my life came out from the red ferrari.

"Are you going to stand there? Or you are going to get your ass in here? We are running late!" Glaiza yelled

I rolled my eyes and started to walk carefully. Fuck this foot! 


"Glai?" I called

"What?" She spatted

"Uhh you said we are just secret friends but why are driving me to school?" I asked carefully not wanting her to shout at me

"Your ex-bitch will tell everyone about what happened yesterday so why would I have to hide this whole thing?" She asked back

I nodded "I'm sorry. You are involved in my dramas." 

She rolled her eyes on me "Stop that drama, Jones. I have a bad morning so you better just be on my side and don't ask why" 

I frowned and nodded nonetheless.

Glaiza parked her car, we still have 5 minutes before our first period. 

There are still some students in the parking lot. 

When I first got out of Glaiza's car, the students stared at me. I just shrugged it off.

Glaiza got out and went beside me "Let's go" 

"Are we going to walk with me?" I asked in disbelief

"Why? What did I tell you?" She asked crossing her arms

"Stay with you" I said

"Good. Besides you said you'll be my slave for a day. So this is the day." She said and started to walk away

I groaned and chased behind her "Can you slow down first?"

She stopped walking so that I could reach her.

I went beside her and we started to walk.

"But I saved your life, the deal shouldn't..." 

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm driving you to school, we are just exchanging favors here.” she stated

I sighed "Okay." 

"Can you walk faster than that? I don't like the stares they are throwing at us" She said 

I looked at my bandaged foot "I can't." 

"Ashley said that they are dating. I like Ashley for Rielle. Glaiza is just a stuck-up-bitch" 

"Ashley is more friendly, unlike Glaiza, she just has one friend." Said the girls we passed by

I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. I inhaled deeply.

Why do they have to talk about someone else's life? 

"Are you okay?" Glaiza asked tapping my shoulder

I opened my eyes and looked at her almond shaped eyes "I hate them." 

She chuckled "We hate them" 

"How about you? I'm sure you heard them" I asked with a tiny smile

"I'm cool. They are right, I'm just a stuck-up-bitch."

I kissed her cheek "You are my badass girl"


We made it to our first class. As usual everyone looked at us like we are some kind of criminals or what. 

What the hell is their problem? 

Glaiza insisted that I'll sit with them at their table in the cafeteria, that's why I am here, eating my sandwich with Glaiza and Barbie.

"Are you two really in a relationship now?" Barbie asked

I grinned "Yup.”

Glaiza glared at me "Shut up" 

"Geez. You two are the topic all around the school." Barbie said before taking a bite to her apple

"Barbie, won’t you even ask me why I dated this girl?" She asked barbie while pointing at me using her spoon

"Ouch.” I said exaggeratedly

"Why would I even ask you? It's all over the campus.” She answered 

"Well because I might be gay." she explained emphasising the last word

"Well, I don't mind." Barbie stated

"What do you mean you don't mind?" I asked

She looked at me then she looked at Glaiza meaningfully "She's still my best friend, gay or not.”

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