Chapter 126

A rough shook of his body awakes him and his eyes abruptly open in shock. He sits quickly, inhaling all the air his lung was robbed off and he started heaving and coughing. Abram's hand rub his back and he gently whisper to him to calm down. Adam mind was blank for a second but memories from Eve's heart flooded his every being making him s rambled to his feet and searching for Eve. Though she only just lay next to him, Brahms was panting excessively. He knelt down beside Eve and start pulling her unconscious body near him. He hears people around him calling out to him but he ignored them and hug Eve tightly to his chest. Her head rested beneath his chin and her face closed over his chest. He caress her hair and rock her body gently with his. 

He hears gasping from the voice around him and he look down to see Eve's jet black hair turning ivory from its root. Her pale skin blushed and more life is added to her body. No more dark vibes basking from her small form. Only warmt

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