Chapter 127

Laying Eve at the grass, Mikael couldn't help but push her hair behind her ear, touching her warm skin and gazing at her. It took hundreds of years for him to find her again and it blow his mind seeing her remain the same. The same smooth skin, the long silky ivory hair, red lips as thick lashed above her pixie nose. She was perfection.

He knelt down beside her. It will take at least half a day before Eve would know where they were. Back where it all begin. Observing every featured on her petite body, Mikael smiled, making sure everything little detail about her is imprinted in his mind. She remains flawless as she was when he first saw her when they were a child 

His eyes glare at her. He frowned and his grip on the ground beneath him tightens. He stands up straight again and anger twisting his handsome face. He was furious at how things have gone in his life. Everything he ever wanted, everything he ever need was taken from him. All falls into the hand of his step

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