Chapter 129

Adam's wound made him slower than he should which gave Mikael an advantage but Adam training make sure that he is able to avoid any thrust from Mikael's sword. Fast reflect from Adam's hand causes his sword to cut Mikael's arm deeply. Mikael hissed but his gaze remains at Adam.

When Mikael stands behind Adam in a flash, he swung the tip of his sword and ug deeply into the wounds from earlier on. Blood pouring with painful groan escaping his lips. Adam turn and slam the back of his sword in Mikael's abdomen.

Seeing he was distracted from his pain, Adam swiped his feet below him causing Mikael to fall. His swords were knocked off from his hand. Adam grinned.

"You may be a great talker, Mikael but you suck at fighting. Told you not to skip practise." An advice he once given Mikael growing up. Adam was about to bury his sword in his chest when he hears Eve soft moan calling out to him. He turn to see Eve completely awake and standing up weakly. His distraction almost r

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