*Edited* Epilogue : Goodnight

Six months passed

It took months to rebuild Dzhimara. The number of death recorded was devastating but the number of enemies they have taken down was more. The seal around the gate was built up once more and the teamwork among the forest witch ensured the gate will remain strong for years to come. Homes were rebuilding from scratch but as the new king of Dzhimara, Abram made sure that all his citizens, even the humans, and the witches are fully helped. They are his responsibilities now.

Thinking back to the war before, he had lost so much, his patriarch and his mate too lost their dear ones. Everyone thought that in time, they would heal but till today, the pain of losing his father remains strong. His mother no longer resides in the dungeon. For her crimes against the former nation of Zhateria, she was banished to the forest of Afhrin. Many had questioned whether allowing her to keep her wolf was a wise idea but seeing her mother's state, finding out she too has
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