"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"  Eve continues to ask him since he kept quiet the whole time. His eyes just stare at her for so long. When he end up answering ."I...iim..i am ooo..ok..kkay."

Eve didn’t look convinced.  He was shivering and hugging himself and guilt tore her chest. "Are you sure? You sure you are well?" She placed the back of her hand on Adams forehead and her eyes widen.

"Oh no! Your skin is cold. Did I use too much ice just now? Oh, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have. Oh, no. Papa and mama will so angry!"

She looks scared. She was about to stand when the mysterious boy, quickly grab  of her arm. She stared back at him, surprised to see what he did.

The boy seems to be surprised by his action but he was quick to speak. "I'm fine. I speak the truth. It's just that, I fell . It must've been the cold water. That's why I am a bit cold but I'll be okay."

He tried his hardest to speak clearly and not stuttered by how nervous he was or having the sensation of cold air piercing his wet skin like tiny needle. Then, he finally caught what she spoke just now and ask.

"Wait, what do you mean by ice? Did you mean magic? Do you have magic?" 

Eve bit her lip. She became nervous and her eyes was looking everywhere, fear clouded her every movement realising he could be a dangerous stranger and to reveal her power to a creature she neve meet in his life was crazy. He holds her hand and placed his palm on top of hers.

"Don't worry. I promise I will not say a word about this to anyone. I am just curious. Do you really have magic? I don't have one but I have a special ability."

Eve blinked as she frown and her eye suddenly brightens up with curiosity.

"What special ability, boy?"

"Special indeed but if I show you, you have to tell me the truth if you have magic or not. Do you promise?"

Eve just stares at him for a while. Her eyes were staring up as if thinking, debating if she should listen to his suggestion and a smile confirms that.

"Alright. I will tell the truth. But, you have to show me your secret first."

He sighed. He seems to be satisfied by the choice of event. “I will show you but you have to turn around, though."

Eve frowned and tilt her head. 


"Because, for me to show you, I have to be unclothed. Or else my shirt will be torn to shreds and I can't possibly go home undressed. Father will kill me."

She nodded and giggled at his words. Eve turned around, making sure her eyes were out of sight. The boy quickly undressed and placed his clothes on the side. Staring at her back, he shivers, feeling the prickling cold air hits his wet body. He took a large gulp of air and shift.

What Eve didn’t realise was the boy behind her was shifting into a beast. His hands were slowly changing into paws, stepping on all four on the ground. As soon as his body was fully transformed into a small wolf, more like a pup though, Adam shook his body and gave a small whine, causing Eve to turn around and look at him.

Her eyes were wide and she couldn't stop the excitement from her voice as she shrieks and quickly hug the boy in wolf form. He froze at her touch that feel so warm on his fur. She was giggling and praising how soft and pretty he was. His wolf snorted. Not finding that compliment to be good for him.

"What a pretty wolf. So, so pretty. So soft!" She was still in an awe and after what seems to be a long time of brushing his fur everywhere, she stops and hugs him to her. Though he was only a pup, he was a lot bigger than her seeing she does have a petite figure.

When the boy backs away, his body shook with his head looks like he was making circle in the air and like magic, his fur was gone and he turns back into a human right before her eyes. Alas, he forgot about his undressed state and only for her squealed of shock made him quickly to cover his private area and apologise nervously.

Eve who was covering her face took a peek from the gap of her fingers and laughs. As soon as the boy wore his cloth, she sat next to him and offer him a fruit she has taken from the huge tree near them.

“What is your name, boy?”

“Adam. I am Adam. And you are.”

“I am princess Evangeline, daughter of King Aidan and Queen Aaliyah. How do you do?” She bowed down, spreading her dress properly.

“A princess? You are an actual princess?” He sounds surprise.

“Yes, I am. Have you not see an actual princess before?” She snorted. She felt proud but she ended up laughing again seeing the weird expression of shock he was wearing.

“I do, just my stepsister. I am a prince." 

Eve gasped, covering her mouth as she stare at him in awe.

“You are? That is so good! I have never met a prince in my life. How old are you, Adam?”

“I am eight.”

“We are so much alike.” Eve starts jumping around happily and it brought a smile to his lips.

“How did you get here? Isn’this the forbidden forest? Won’t your parents be angry?”

Eve’s expression darkens and she bit her lip, “Mama and papa don’t know I’m here.”

“You are hiding from them?”

“Yes but that’s only because the wouldn’t let me out.”

The boy smiled, “Well, our parents are the same. My father didn’t want me to step out as well. He said that the forbidden forest is a dangerous place for a future king but how can I be a good king if I don’t even know how my kingdom look like?”

Eve cheeks become pink heating him talking so maturely and there was something about Adam that couldn’t stop making her heart race.

“Then let’s make a promise"

“What?” He ask frowning.

“ If you don’t tell anyone that I sneak here, I won’t tell on you also.”

“You want to be my friend?” Adam ask and there was a hopeful look on his eyes

“Of course if you want me?”

Adam get closer to her and hug her. Eve gasped and her eyes was open so wide in shocked.

“Thank you so much, Evie. Thank you.” 

Eve couldn’t help but smile and at that moment, she knew that a new friendship was born

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