Slave of the Mafia Boss
Slave of the Mafia Boss
Author: Hira Baig



Life, life is beautiful. Life is gorgeous. It is a precious gift from God. Most precious and very lovely. I had seen so many people crying and complaining to God for whatever they do not have, but did they ever think about thanking God for whatever they have. If you do not have money and cars and a luxurious life, still you have life. You should be thankful that you still have your life. You should be thankful for whatever you have. My name is Tristan De Leon. And this is the story of my life.

It all started the day of my twelfth birthday. Everyone one was happy. My mom and my dad especially. Not because it was my birthday, but also because I had won the first prize for the international archery tournament. Dad was very excited about it. How could he not be. My father, Emesto De Leon was known as the king of the guns. He owned the best arms selling company. But our weapons were only bought by the government. It was a very strict rule my father had made and all his workers followed his rules. Because they never needed to break any rules. 

My father was a very kind and brave man. His employees loved him. Because my father always cared for his employees like a family. They were all loyal to him. Because of my father, I knew a lot of things about guns, weapons, and all. I was never interested in weapons but my father used to teach me. He thought one day, I would be grateful that he gave me all this information about weapons. I was never a gunman. I liked bowes and arrows and swords. 

When I turned ten, my dad personally made me an archery set. Bow and arrows. One of his guards told me that dad made it for me by his own hands. He told me that many people tried to help him but he said it's for my son and I want to do it by my own hands. I was the only child of my parents. I was never attached to my mom. I was my dad's boy. We were a happy family, mom, dad and me in that happy family. 

I was still in my bed. Waiting for my dad to come in and wake me up. I loved my dad very much. It was something dad did every year on my birthday. He would come up into my bedroom with a custard filled donut. A candle on top of it. He would open my bedroom door and would sing the happy birthday song for me. That happened every year. I was on my bed, waiting for him. I didn't know why, but he was taking longer than usual. But I wanted that to happen, that's why I stayed in bed. I was eagerly waiting for him to come inside and wish me my birthday. I opened my eyes to look at the clock, it was half past 8. My father always stepped into my room at 8 O'Clock sharp.

I was thinking of the reasons why my dad would be taking so long. Then suddenly, I heard his anger laced voice. He sounded more than angry. I jumped on my bed when I heard him yelling at someone. I crawled out of my bed and went to the door. I opened the door and went closer to the staircase. I could see my father. But I could not see the person he was yelling at. "You dare to go against the laws of our company. Haven't I told you, we never sell our weapons to anyone except for the cops. How dare you to make an illegal deal?" My father asked angrily.

"This is not only your business. It is equally mine as it is yours. You are not the only one to make decisions here." I heard that voice and rolled my eyes. I knew who it was. The only but jealous brother of my father, uncle Hector.

"How much did they pay you that made you confront me? How much money have they stuffed into your mouth that made you steal the box of the weapons?" How much?" My father yelled and I stepped back. I had never seen him this much angry in my life.

"Sixty grands, they paid me sixty grands for a single piece. Now think about it, I have earned more with a crate than you make with monthly shipping. The government is paying nothing." Hector reason. My father balled his fists tightly in anger. The next thing I saw was my father swung his fist in the air and landed a punch at Hector's face. Hector fell on the ground with a loud thud.

"Whatever dad had left for you, I had bought you a production company from that. You should be working to take your production company up. How dare you to interfere in my business." My father yelled at him. 

"Father had left half for me and half for you. Do you know how much I get from that trashy company you had bought for me? Nothing, I get nothing. But look at you, now I understand what kind of game you had played with me. You thought it would be easy to play me. I don't think so brother, you have to give me my half." Hector demanded my father.

"You have nothing in here. All this belongs to me and my family. I had worked hard, I had worked day and night to achieve this luxurious life. I did not waste my time like you. I did not waste my time fucking whores at night. I did not waste my money on alcohol and whores. I saved my money and used my time as money." My father replied angrily. I could not believe it. Hector was confronting my father. Hector did not have guts to even confront my father's assistant. 

"Wrong decision brother. I guess everyone was right. I have to snatch it away. Because you will never give me my money." Hector said and pulled a gun out. He aimed it over my father's head. My mom was standing behind. She gasped loudly as Hector pulled the gun out. My father stood in front of my mother to save her. My mom hid behind him. Just then, I saw a bitchy smirk on my mom's face. I did not understand why would my mother be smirking in a situation like this when her and my father's life was in danger? 

"Hector, don't be crazy. Drop the weapon." My father said. Suddenly, my father's eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost. He turned around to look at my mom. I did not understand what had happened until I looked at my mom's hands. They were covered in blood. My father's blood. And then it happened. Hector pulled the trigger and a bullet went through my father's head. My father fell on the floor with a loud thud. Hector grabbed my mom's hand and pulled her to his chest. They kissed each other hungrily while my father was laying on the floor lifeless. I screamed loudly and ran towards my father.

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Hira Baig
IKR. thank you ...
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Mel Dixon
Oh dear, this is going to be super sad, isn’t it?

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