It had been four years. Four years since my father was murdered. I found out that my mom had been cheating on my father for years. My father never deserved someone like her. He was a loyal husband. He never looked at any other woman except for my mom. But that bitch just cheated on him. I hated her. She killed my father. Hector married my mother the day we had my father's funeral. She did not even wait until his funeral. Hell, they did not even have his funeral. My dad's loyal employees were in his funeral. They all buried my father together.

We found out that Hector had almost 90 percent people with him who used to work for my father. Hector bought them all. And the ten percent people, they all ran away. They ran away to save their lives. Hector had his people between cops. All the evidence against my mom and Hector vanished. The CCTV cameras were off while it all happened. They proved in court that my father was murdered by thieves. That a gang came in and murdered my father. I was sent away for a while. 

When I came back, I came to know that Hector bought the cop who was appointed to investigate my father's case. Hector's cop murdered a thief gang and showed the court that he killed the gang who had murdered my father. All my dad's loyal servants were nowhere to be found. It was like they all vanished. I knew Hector must have done everything in his power to make them shut their mouths. I could not blame them. We all have families. And we all equally care and love our family. It wasn't their fault to care for their families.

My mom was already married to Hector. They both disgusted me. To make me feel even horrible, they used to have make out sessions in front of me. I had seen my mom sucking Hector's dick so many times. So many times I had seen her swallowing his load. I could remember, one day I was having my lunch. Hector came into the dining hall. He was naked. He grabbed his dick and started stroking it in front of me. My mom then gave him a hand job. He unloaded himself on the dining table and my mom licked it clean. 

But as they have said, you will get exactly what you have given to the others. It was the night when my mom had finally signed the legal papers and handed my father's businesses and wealth to Hector. She was very happy that day. Like she had done something good. Like she would be rewarded for what she had done. I could still remember my mom stripped her clothes off outside of her bedroom. She knelt down on the ground and Hector pulled her inside their room by her hair. 

In a few minutes, my mom started shouting and asking for help. Then everything went silent. In a minute, the door opened again and Hector walked out of the room with a wide smirk. I looked into the room and found my mom hanging with the ceiling fan. I ran back into my room. I was so scared of that monster. Next day was nothing but a deja vu. Hector's cop came and looked around. They took her body away. Then in a few days, I heard the news that my mom was crazy and she committed suiside. Media asked Hector about my mom. He said he married her because she was his brother's widow and he did not want us to suffer. My blood boiled hearing his statement. 

My suffering started the day when my mom died. Hector had told all his clients that I was his slave. He used to make me serve them. Then one of his clients barked an idea. The idea was to give me to his clients for a week in exchange for money. Hector liked the idea and did as he was told. He started sending me to his clients on rent. I would come back home only to be sold again. Every week, all his clients would come and I would be auctioned off. One after another, whoever would pay big, would get me for a whole week.

This was my mom's fault. My life became a living hell because of my mom. She killed my father for Hector. And guess what, Hector killed her for the same reason. One of Hector's clients told me while drunk that Hector killed my mom saying that she had killed her husband. The man whom she fell in love with. Hector said if she could kill the father of her child, why wouldn't she kill Hector. Well she definitely deserved it. But still my father was not avenged.

The longest week of my life finally ended. I was taken by Evinrude. The person who had bought the stolen crate of guns from Hector the very first time. He was not a monster, not even a devil. Even Lucifer himself was innocent in front of Evinrude. Hundreds of Lucifers together make one Evinrude.

As I stepped into his mansion, he tied a belt on my neck. He and his kids used to treat me worse than any dog would be treated. I don't think so there is any word, invented lower than the word slave. I was given dog's pots to eat and drink water. They used to give me their leftovers to eat. I bared everything. But then one day, his sons told me lick their feet like a dog and I denied. As a result, they tied me in their garden and they all peed on me. And their mother filmed it all like it was a comedy show or something. That's when I lost it. I knew the only way I had left was to fight for myself.

Evinrude took me back home. I did not wait for anyone. I quickly ran towards my bedroom. Moved the carpet and opened a secret safe my father has made for me. It had money, a few guns, my passport and a few legal papers that my father hid in that safe. Thankfully, my mom was never aware of this secret safe. I pulled everything out of the safe and locked it again. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my clothes and all the things I had found in that safe.

Just as I was done with packing up my stuff, I heard footsteps coming toward my bedroom. I pulled the gun out and loaded it. All thanks to my father, I knew how to use any kind of weapons. The door to my bedroom opened and everyone stepped in. Hector went pale as he saw a gun in my hands. He knew I was a sharp shooter. They all came towards me and I started counting. One after another, I blew holes in their heads. They all fell on the ground. Last bullet left and the person deserved it was none other than Hector. I smirked and he ran out of my room. I followed him behind but he was already in his car. He drove away as fast as he could. I stuffed my gun back into my bag.

I then went back into the house. I went to my father's study. I took a photo frame that had my picture with my father. It was the day when I had won the international archery tournament. He was so proud of me. I then pulled the case of the archery set my father had made for me. I did not waste any more time. I quickly ran out of the house and ran towards the forest. As my father had taught me.

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