I groaned lowly and tried to move but failed miserably. Hearing some unknown sounds around me, I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes widened as I found myself tied with bed. It was a very huge bed. A huge sized elephant would sleep on it peacefully. In fact, I could say an elephant could fuck his wife on that bed. It was more than just huge. I looked around and found a cuffed woman on the same bed. Her ass was higher than her head. Smiling at the pleasure she was having.

Then my eyes fell upon the most gorgeous looking man in this world. He was slapping her ass hard but yet he was fucking her gently, as if it was not a punishment, but pure pleasure. I gulped hard and my eyes trailed a bead of sweat that started its journey from his neck, then stopped for a second on his right bicep. Then it continued flowing down towards his perfect eight pack abs and went further down.

I looked at his face. A perfect chiseled jawline, olive color complexion, grape color eyes with sandy blonde hair, that were messy due to his fuck session. I had never seen anyone so perfect in my life. It was like God sculptured his body by his own hands. He looked tall, like over six feet tall with a hot muscular body. 

He released a loud growl as he pulled himself out of the woman's pussy and unloaded himself all over her back. Exhausted with their sex session, the woman laid down on her stomach and closed her eyes. He pecked her forehead and she giggled. Soon I heard her snoring loudly, hinting that she had finally fallen asleep, dreaming peacefully.

I gulped in fear as I saw the man coming towards me. His eyes and his face were calmed but still I did not know why, but I was afraid of him. I mentally slapped myself for being so stupid. Of course I would feel that way, anyone would feel that way if they would be kidnapped like that. He untied me and sat beside me on the same huge bed.

"Sorry for waking up like that. You see my doll here wanted me to tie you down until we are done with each other." He said and pulled the tape off of my lips.

"I literally thought you would never wake up again. I don't know how much they had injected you. I told them to be easy on you as you are our special guest." He said and my eyes widened in horror.

"Where am I? Who are you? Why have you kidnapped me?" I asked him all the questions that came into my foggy mind first. He chuckled and stood up. He went to the shelf and pulled out a cold water bottle from the mini fridge. He opened the bottle and downed it's content in one go like he was thirsty for ages. He then pulled another bottle of water and came back to me. He offered me the bottle and I shook my head.

"It's just water. No drugs inside. Drink it, you need it." He said. My mouth and my lips were dry like a dessert. My throat felt sore due to the dryness I felt in my mouth. I finally gave up because of my thirst and accepted the bottle. I drank its content in a few seconds. He chuckled and went to the fridge again. He pulled out another bottle and came back. He gave me the bottle which I accepted again. 

"Of course, you have been sleeping for forty eight hours. You would be this thirsty." He said any mouth hung open.

"I asked, where am I and why am I here in the first place?" I asked him in a demanding tone. His face changed its expressions. From cool to cold one. He gritted his teeth. My heart started drumming inside my rib cage. The look on his face screamed loudly that I was nothing but dead meat. He grabbed the back of my neck a little too aggressively and pulled me closer to him. I gulped in fear seeing his eyes red with rage.

"You listen to me this very time, because I hate repeating myself. And I kill everything I hate. From now onwards, you will keep your voice down in front of me and your eyes must kiss the ground only. If I heard this tone of yours again in front of me, I will throw you in front of my dogs and they will eat you alive. Are we understood?" He asked me and I nodded my head quickly in fear. He let go of me and walked out of the room.

 I laid down on the bed, cursing the karma for the games it was playing with me. All I asked was a month, thirty days to live my life the way I wanted but it looked like, God could not even pitty me. Mercy was something I had lost hope for. Just thirty days I had to live my life the way I wanted but instead my karma brought me to where, I had no idea. Four weeks, I thought I would love my life because the rest would be hell as De Leon had told me. 

I jumped in fear as I heard him yelling at someone loudly. I quickly hopped off of the bed. I laid on the cold ground. The tears were flowing freely from my eyes at my helplessness. I just wanted to ask God what I had done so wrong that my suffering was nowhere to end. Wiping my tears I looked up at the woman who was sleeping so peacefully. My heart ached and also I felt jealous because of her peace. Peace, I never had come across anything that is called peace. Sometimes, I blamed my parents for making such a stupid decision. For taking money from De Leon. I cried and cried until I felt numb and darkness engulfed me.

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