I stepped out of the room feeling so angry. That man had a nerve to ask me anything and that too in a demanding tone. I did not want to hurt him, so I stepped out of the room. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to eat something. Only way to get rid of my anger was to fill my stomach with food. I grabbed the pasta that mama had cooked for our dinner. I heated it up in the oven. Once done, I grabbed a fork and quickly started eating it. More like stuffing my mouth with the food.

Soon, I saw one of my men Nickon, came in and sat beside me. I was practically sitting naked in the kitchen but I did not care. I turned to him and gave him an annoyed look. "What? Can I not even eat in peace?" I asked him in an annoyed tone.

"You know why I am here. Don't play innocent in front of me. I know you very much." Nickon said and I rolled my eyes at him. I was getting annoyed by his behavior.

"Fuck off, Nick. Go back to your room and fuck your girl. Don't try to fuck me here." I replied and he shook his head.

"At least treat him a bit better, so you will not feel very much guilty." He said and I rolled my eyes again. Just as I was about to get lectured, Samuel stepped in and came to us running.

"What happened?" Nickon asked with a raised brow as we both were now standing seeing Samuel worried.

"Someone had stolen our guns. A few of them are missing. I just counted twice then came here." He replied and my blood boiled.

"So that's what he was doing in the gun room. SANDY, COME DOWNSTAIRS, RIGHT NOW." Nickon said then called Sandy loudly. Sandy came running and stood in front of us. He had a nervous smile on his face. Something that told me that he was hiding something from us.

"Where are the guns, Sandy?" I asked and both Samuel and Nickon looked at me with wide eyes. Of course I could tell who had done that. I had spent years learning to read their facial expressions.

"What do you mean, boss? I don't know what you are talking about? I..I have idea." He stammered and I smirked mischievously.

"You know you just got caught. Tell me everything and I will let you live." I said and he looked at me. Then he averted his gaze away from me.

"I said tell me where the fucking weapons are? WHERE DID YOU HIDE THEM?" I yelled at him and everyone jumped hearing my loud voice. They knew Sandy had reminded me of my dark past.

"I..I said I k..know noth..nothing." he replied, stammering again. I grabbed him by his neck and held him higher from the ground.

"You know what I do to the people who lie to me. Now bear the fucking consequences." I replied and let his neck go. Nickon and Samuel took him away. I went back to the kitchen and finished my meal. I then threw my plate in the sink and went back to my room.

As I stepped into my room I found him sleeping on the floor. I frowned my brows and went to him. I rolled my eyes when I saw tear marks on his cheeks. I scooped him up in my arms and laid him down on the bed. I covered his body with the comforter and he quickly snuggled up with the comforter. I chuckled seeing a grown up man, acting like a child. I shook my head and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and wore my PJs. I stepped out of the bathroom and crawled into the bed. I closed my eyes and soon I slipped into my dreamland.


I opened my eyes again and found myself into his bed. I was sure I was laying on the floor. He had his leg over my body and he was sleeping peacefully. He was snoring. My breath hitched when his scent hit my nostrils. He was very gorgeous. 

I tried to move away from him but suddenly, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. I was getting hard just with him closer to me. I tried to free myself from his hold but I failed miserably. He was holding me very tightly. I finally gave up and closed my eyes again. Soon, the darkness engulfed me and I again fell asleep.

I moaned as I felt like someone was touching me. I opened my eyes slowly and found the woman laying beside me. She  was stroking my dick while he was fucking her hard and fast. My mouth was stuffed with a piece of clothing.

Soon he pulled himself out of the woman's pussy then he came to me. "Open your mouth." He ordered me and I obliged.

"Good boy!" He said and pushed his huge dick inside my mouth. I gagged a bit but he pulled it out again.

"Suck my dick." He said. I did not want to anger him so I did as he told me. I grabbed his dick and sucked the tip. Then I pushed it inside my mouth. He growled into his chest and threw his head back. I kept stroking him and sucking him until his dick was iron hard.

"Don't stop… I am so close." He whispered and I again obliged. I kept doing my work until he unloaded himself inside my mouth. I swallowed his cum. He was shocked with my action. Then he just smirked widely and grabbed my neck. He did not choke me but his grip around my neck was firm.

"That's right. Keep doing the good work and you will be fine my slave." He said and crashed his lips on mine. Kissing me hard. He bit my lower lip and I moaned into his mouth. Taking an advantage, he slipped his tongue into my mouth. While he was exploring my mouth, his hand reached my dick. He rubbed his hand on my dick and I moaned again.

He broke the kiss and chuckled. He pushed me back on the bed and ripped off my clothes like they were nothing. He grabbed my dick and stroked it. I threw my head back in pleasure. "Stroke yourself for me." He said and let go of my dick. I did as he told me. I started pumping my dick. I moaned loudly as I felt a knot on my stomach.

"Stop!" He said firmly and I let go of my dick. But there was an uneasy feeling I could feel inside. It was frustrating.

"You will not get anything from him if you do not beg him. Ask master to let you release. Beg him to let you cum." The woman whispered in my ear. 

"Master, let me cum please." I moaned and begged him as I was told. He smirked widely and stroked my dick. My breaths quickened as the knot in my stomach went deeper. I released a loud groan and unloaded myself. 

"Lick him clean, now." He ordered the woman and she hovered over me. She licked my cum and swallowed it.

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