The Mummy and Me
The Mummy and Me
Author: Sanduleo

Amy , a main protagonist who is seen as a archeologist working under the Cairo museum.

Tut ,an ancient mummy whose whereabouts is still unknown and is also the main protagonist of this story.

After Amy's parents death, her uncle was the only family she could relay on. He was also an archeologist who was in a senior position in the museum .

Everything was good in her life except for her parents void space. She was able to enjoy her life with her uncle and her boyfriend robert.

But soon a tragedy happened ,on the day of her graduation her uncle passed away due an unknown accident more likely a murder.

But bad things didn't shopped their her boyfriend whom she trusted was lying to her by having an affair with his friends sister annie .

This all was to much to bear for her soon she left the place and went Egypt to work as an intern in Cairo museum. It was glad that all the incident happened after she graduated from her college. 

Her main purpose for joining the museum is for finding the main culprit for her uncle's death.But little did she know that someone else was waiting for her arrival. After she joined the museum she was well known for her talents and as the nephew of her late uncle.

It was all well in the start for her but little did she know that her life was about to change from there . 

On a rainy day she was working at her office and was about to go home. But suddenly someone kidnapped her and took her to a basement room were all secret information and artifacts are kept.

They forced her to open a tomb of deceased which was sealed by some ancient magic. To open the seal only the choosen one can do it but due the harsh environment and life threatening stage .She took the bait and opened the seal and freed the Mummy who was waiting for a certain years long.

After making the Mummy free she was said to lead him towards the new world. The Mummy makes her the hostage of the new world.

Now will the fate bring them together or lead them to separate . One is from the past other from the present. Will they come closer and be together .

There is amy who is from the present  who searching answers for some questions and other is the Mummy who was from the past ,who has been forcefully put at the tomb for deceased.


For knowing more please read my novel and this is my first time writing a book so hope everyone wil enjoy it.

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I think the story is interesting.

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