Chapter Fifteen: Respite

Holly didn't know when the pain stopped. How could so much agony come from the tips of fingernails? But they had been like knives, slicing her skin, causing her blood to flow. 

But where had they gone now? The servant was gone without a word, and so was the master as well. Now it was just her alone and tied up. Was this a ruse on their part?

"Holly," the whisper was close to her ear and she turned to meet Quix's eyes. "Stay quiet," he whispered as he went to work on her restraints. They popped off and he pulled her into his arms, closing his eyes as he willed them to travel.

Nothing happened. They were still in the bowels of Death's trap. 

Holly sobbed.

"Don't worry," Quix whispered. "I have a plan."

Holly didn't believe him. This had to be a trap. If she showed any sign of hope, it would slam down on her. The pain she had endured already was just the start. They were going to do so much more to her. "Leave me," she whispered. 

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Bella Jersey
Thank god she’s saved but I’m not trusting anything or anybody
goodnovel comment avatar
Trisha Sunshine
Quix! yaaay! Where the heck is Angel?!

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