Chapter Eighteen: Put a Shirt On

Eros grunted. "Still, even though your help will be appreciated, you know this is all your fault right? You're the cause of her being in danger in the first place."

Dagon shook his head. "You can never just say thank you, can you? I'm not the one that betrayed her, one of her followers did that, or one of them pretending to be." He turned and surveyed the group. "If any of you are Krim, I am going to rip you in half, just know that."

"Why do you have a problem with Krim?" Ruby demanded as she pushed the others out of the way. "Who are you even?"

Dagon laughed. "Just one of the Hell Princes, are you sure you want to get on my bad side right now? I really don't want to have to deal with you reapers too much."

"Hell Princes?" Ruby frowned. "Are you the one that Lust mentioned?"

"That would be me," Dagon bowed. "Dagon, Prince of Pestilence. It's why I created the seven sins."

"Krim is the one that betrayed Holly," Quix growled out. He was still

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Bella Jersey
Yes my Quix is in the running. I think her power has to be in the healing arts. She always wants to help somebody
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Trisha Sunshine
Wondering if Ruby will end up loving Holly too? ūüėÜ

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