Chapter 9

Then, you must be wishing for your untimely death.


Sometimes instead of facing the truth, we turn a blind eye just because we fear the inevitable. Because in reality, running is always the easiest way out.

"Games, what the hell are you telling man?" I asked, keeping a dumb face.

"You would have wished to stay up there," he said, pointing up to the ceiling, towards the upper level.

"Maybe I want to be part of it." I shrugged my shoulders as if bore with the conversation. "I want spice in my life, I guess."

"Then, you must be wishing for your untimely death," barked the guy.

"Maybe I am, maybe," I said, mocking him. He wasn't being funny though; he got that solid expression of wanting to warn me. "It wasn't as if I can get out of here either," I added. “We cannot.”

He sighed. "Yeah, besides…it's too late now kid, they are already watching you. Good luck kiddo. Eyes on your back, all the time. You’re such a waste, too young and you'd soon be facing death." With a good slap in my shoulder the guy left. I didn't even get the chance to ask his name. I knew well what he meant by his words and it was only two things; blood and death. I could lie to myself and think that I had no idea about the said games, but I knew them well.

I was pulled by my arm as soon as the alarm blared. The guard didn't waste time and dragged me away back to my so-called 'hotel room'.

There was no energy left inside me to ignite a fire, the remaining embers died down and all that was left is an empty shell. My body fell to the mattresses straight away, sleep was taking a great detrimental on my strength. Then there was the meal; it couldn't even relinquish my hunger yet I felt full to the brim.

I closed my eyes forcing the darkness to come and get me. If escape wasn't in the option, the abyss could give me that. 

The smell of freshly cut grass danced through the air, the aroma was almost intoxicatingly fragrant to my nose. I couldn’t help but inhale every bit of it, it was like a drug. I was getting high on the smell; my head was getting lightweight.

The guy beside me suddenly grew quiet, he noticed my lack of focus. I didn’t want to listen to his scripted lies anyway, there were far more interesting things other than the words spouting from his mouth.

“Just give a chance,” his tone was shifting on the lower side, he was starting to beg me again. He scratched the lines and began an impromptu. “Just listen to me.”

“Give me your best reason…explanation…or whatever, why the hell should I do that?” But I had made up my mind before our scheduled meeting. No words could change my decision. “I already stopped listening to a long time ago. I need a bigger word. A heavier one…”

“I know you want it as bad as I want it. It’s the only way to do it. Trust me, as you did before. You just have to give me some credit,” the guy pleaded; his hands were trembling on his sides. “You hate him as much as I hate him, maybe even more. Do it.”

I didn’t use to seeing him so vulnerable and defenseless. He was acting like a human being but I long stop playing that pity game. And yet, I couldn’t help but feel an aching in my chest. I wanted to help him, more than my need for revenge.

“But trust is earned and not given when asked.”

“Then, I’ll earn that trust. I will work hard for it.” He turned his head to the giggling kids on the corner of the park. “I wish I could go back in time and learn to smile again. I’m trying to correct what I have done wrong. I hope you let me do it.”

I stood dusting my behind, “I wonder how’d you do that when my scars would never heal.” I walked a few centimeters before stopping. “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. You have given me the time, I was asking. I’m ready to give you my answer now.” I heaved out an air blockage in my lungs, “Yes, I would do it.” I wanted to say but held the words in my tongue.

I wasn't ready. I think I would be ready for the things they wanted me to do.

"Ah!" I shrieked as ice-cold water slapped down my body, drenching me through my clothes. Sets of feet were hustling over my cell, it was too dark to make out any of their faces. I couldn’t even tell their numbers, just that there were more than two of them. A set of hands grabbed my arms and pulled me down my head, immobilizing me. Then two or more started murmuring somewhere in the room. They made noises I couldn't comprehend, just buzzing flies. "Hey! What the--" I didn't get to finish what I was saying, a gag silenced me and a sack was put over my head. I thrashed wildly, fighting for my life to get free. What the fuck is happening? The question kept repeating itself in my head. I was hauled to my feet and out of the cell. I needed to get away but I got no strength to fight. I was easily outnumbered, taking me in my sleep was a sham. It was a mistake to let my guard down, I should have been more prepared.

"You want attention? Now, we are giving you attention," a voice crept into my ears. The horrors were starting to haunt me again, the ghosts of my past swarmed in and I felt drowning with fear. "Welcome to hell, " the voice added; a solid punch connected to my stomach. “I promise, you’d wish you could just die.”

"We got prisoner two-zero-zero-one, he would be an addition to the next group, be ready for the next game." I heard one man said before another punch was sent to my abdomen and I lost it, I succumbed to darkness once again, another nightmare came in a landslide.

I was once again thrown in Alice's hole and it never been better.

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