Little Witch
Little Witch
Author: Nox Ink

These are the known truth:

The garden of Eden is the most wonderful place in the world;

The Tree of Wisdom bears only the forbidden fruit;

The devil is pure evil and cast out;

The human children of Eden;

Lilith the witch stoles babies;

Medusa the gorgon a heartless monster;

Mummies wandering in the world undead and unloved;

Dark creatures forever enemies of the children of God;

Or, are they? No one knows.

Truth is forgotten, only the judgement of the garden remains:

Lingering she where no light would shine

Cast not her a shadow even a crescent line

Thunder be her lullaby follows every night

And by day but the cold rain falling from sky

Be to her dust bread she consumes

water but only burning fire flows

the lover's touch thorns of roses

for the sin of pleasure be her crimes

Never would brought to them the sweet sleep of death

with eternal be the remaining duration of their sentence

Fall from grace left the garden an outcast 

But under a full moon often with a mask

Consumes only the dead but not the decay

Always the vicious serpents appears thee

Keep may he his visage and soul

But horns on head the mark of rebel

Broken wings forever on fire

Show of exile ever deigned to no lair

Never would brought to them the sweet sleep of death

Until illuminated the flow of month

Never would brought to them the sweet sleep of death

Two break the curse, but only one to leave


What does the riddle mean? No one understands.

No one... but Nonoth.

Coming from the Garden, Nonoth chose to leave;

Loving the night, Nonoth sees no darkness;

Being a witch, Nonoth is never feared;

Born a dark creature, Nonoth looks for light;

Lost in the world, Nonoth gives up no hope;

Deemed a bad girl, Nonoth lives with a smile;

She is the darkness, she brings light.

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