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"Von." Liam, Levon's older brother called when he entered the garage. Levon was fixing a car tyre at the moment. Straightening her posture, she met his gaze.

"What's up?" Levon asked rubbing her sweaty temple. "I need your help with a customer." Liam said calmly and softly.

"I am busy Liam." Levon muttered dismissively.

"I know. You know how I have plans today. Leo is going to be here in no minute to help, I promise." Liam coaxed.

Levon was well aware that his love sick brother was going on a date with Stella, the girl from the coffee shop a few blocks away from their auto shop.

It was time for her to play the role of a good supportive sister. She hated it especially when he pulled that voice on her. It made her feel guilty.

"Leo better be here any second Liam." Levon cast him a look. Leo was her other older brother who failed to understand the concept of being early for work. Levon was sure he was still at home nursing a hangover and the thought had her lips bow in a snarl.

Her life was no such hell except the four men in her life she had to suffer with almost her entire life. The other was his cousin Mason who came to live with them a few months back and her dad. They could be a pain but hadn't she learnt? At least that is what she had been doing her previous years.

Unfortunately her real mother had ran off with a rich guy and left her when she was young with her father Nathan. Nathan had made his best to raise her up to the strong woman she was now and she was thankful that she had not had it any other way. Nathan together with her brothers never let her feel like she was missing out on anything.

Leo and Liam were her half brothers. Their mother died to cancer before his father met with her mother. Growing up together with these two built a bond she never knew even existed. They had been nothing short of her big brothers and how much she cherished them.

Her father owned a small hardware store before. After years of working hard on it and his mechanical skills, he made an extension of the autoshop. Her brothers and her managed the shop now while Nathan remained in the store.

"He will. I promise Von." Liam persuaded.

"Okay." she sighed giving in. "Thank you Von." Liam smiled.

"Not so fast Liam. I am doing this for you on one condition. You will bring me back some pizza." she mentioned.

"I knew you would black mail me with that." Liam feigned a scowl.

"What can I say, I love me some pizza." Levon shrugged. "Okay. Whatever." Liam rolled his eyes.

"So? Where is this customer?" she asked tugging on her grease covered blue overall.

"A few kilometers East. You will see them." he answered.


"You owe me Von." Liam muttered before he rushed out of the garage. Levon sighed turning on his heel to find her baby. It was time for work.

Hopping on her bike, she fired the engine feeling it roar to life. One thing she loved most in her life was her bike. Angel, as she called her bike was gifted to her by her family when she graduated high school. If it was one thing she had always wanted, it was a bike.

How she loved the sound Angel made. It always filled her heart with joy and veins with a rushing adrenaline. Some people found it peculiar that she could drive a bike despite the fact that she was a woman.

Others found it odd that a woman was a mechanic. Levon wondered how ignorant and sexist some people were. Who said certain things done by men couldn't be done by a woman?

She was sure these people envied her because they couldn't do half the things she did. Levon had learnt to handle if anyone made a sexist comment towards her and now it didn't bother her. As long as she was happy with what she did, other people's opinion of her didn't matter.

Growing up, her brothers had introduced her to this world of cars and engines and bikes. Nothing made sense to her more than the sound of engines. She was sure no one could convince her better. Surely the life of cars and street racing was a hefty one but she loved whatever came with it.

Whitney, her best friend let her race her newest model Lamborghini whenever she wanted and the thrill of going out there on the track and be able to put passion into action haunted her each day.

Like Liam had mentioned, a few kilometers East and she spotted a black Audi pulled aside from the road with two stranded men at its front.

Audi A5 Sportback premium 2021.

They really had good taste in their cars. Based off from what they were wearing and how expensive their car looked, they screamed money.

Levon stopped her motorbike a few feet from their car before she hopped off removing the helmet and swinging her dark locks back in place. When she secures her helmet on the bike and looks back at them, they are staring.

Surely Levon had been used to people staring at her like she was some peculiar creature and she was not going to start getting bothered now. Rolling her eyes, she walked closer to where they leaned against the hood.

Now that she was closer than before, she got a close look at who the men were. The first one with sandy brown hair, brown eyes and a beard dressed in a simple checkered shirt and faded jeans.

Then she rose her eyes to his friend and her eyes narrowed. Captivating blue eyes stared back at hers with an intensity and something else. Something like a fire. Even his posture against the hood looked down right intimidating. Levon couldn't find herself looking away from him.

"Are you the mechanic?" The guy with the brown hair asks curiously breaking her gaze. Turning my gaze from him, Levon answered.

"Yes. You called my brother earlier and I am here at your service." Levon replied.

"I am Timothy but you can call me Tim." Sandy brown haired guy flashed her a toothy grin holding out his hand for her.

"Levon but everyone calls me Von." she shook his hand.

"Nice bike you got there." Timothy compliments. "Thanks. He is called Angel." Levon said enthusiastically.

"Oh, great name." Tim smiled.

Levon inspected the surrounding before catching a glance on the blue eyed man once again.

"You have some grease on your temple." Timothy mentioned pointing at her fore head.

"Thanks. Mechanic problems. " she shrugs.

And she was not lying. Being a mechanic came with its perks and one of them was being dirty most times. A simple grease on the forehead wasn't going to alarm her.

"What happened to your car?" Levon looked back at the Audi inspecting its condition her eyes catching the blue eyed guy who was still leaning on it. He wasn't much of a talker as she had noticed since arrival.

"I didn't know women could change car tyres or fix cars."

Freaking great. After one compliment and he had to go open his mouth and happened to be an ass. Levon should have known better. Good looks and no brains. What a combination.

Levon raises a brow at him. She takes this time to assess his full look a despite how good he looks, he couldn't be anything short of a douche to her.


Timothy sent the blue eyed guy a glare. He had a name after all. Blair. Nothing short of exotic like she had expected. Who was he? Was he one of these rich snobs from California because she was sure one more sexist comment and she was not sparing him.

"Well it's not so difficult. A little changing tyres or repairing a vehicle can never hurt a woman now, would it?" Levon sinisterly cocks a brow at him.

"I never said it would. Call me intrigued." Blair held his hands in surrender at her tone. Why was he being a moron in the first place about it?

"I am sorry if I offended you there." he apologized pushing off from the hood. He had done more than offending.

"I don't want us to get off from the wrong foot. Blair." he introduced calmly. Levon looked at his stretched hard thinking between taking it and not. There was no harm though since he apologized.

"I guess you already know mine."

She replied but never took his hand. All she needed was do her job and get far away from Blair as soon as possible.

"So what happened to it?" Levon asked again looking between them and their car.

"We don't know too for sure. It just stopped. Okay, it made the cranking noise and stopped. We checked the fuel tank and its half full and the tyres are in perfect shape. We don't know what exactly is the problem." Timothy replied.

"Is that it?" she asked moving to its front and opening the hood. She scrutinized it for a while before turning back to them.

"For I know it might be a problem from the hydraulic brake." Levon announced.

"Told you." Blair murmured to Timothy.

"What can we do to fix it?" Timothy asked.

"I will need to take it back to the shop to inspect it further." she answered closing the hood.

Levon just hoped it would be as easy as she thought it would.

The tow truck fetched their car like she had promised them. She hopped back on her bike glancing at them one last time before she rode away.

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