The Known Gentlemen
The Known Gentlemen
Author: Nite Lucent

Chapter 01

Adrian left out a huge sigh as he sat on the chair and stared at his empty apartment. For more than 6 years this place had been his home. He had brought it in his last year of college, half savings and half borrowed from his father though. The sole aim of buying this apartment was to make a home for his girlfriend and then who became his wife. The relationship was short-lived after their marriage and had their little boy. She left him. Period. Adrian wasn’t ready to share that part of his life with anyone. Except for his parents and his younger sister, Sophie, nobody knows about that aspect of his life. For all he says to people when he is asked about his son’s mother, he just told them she is not in the picture.

His 2-year-old son, Aaron was playing with his toy trucks on the soft bed Adrian had made on the floor. Since everything was packed and stored, they had retained a few comforters to suffice the night.

Adrian and Aaron were moving to Bozeman, Montana. Although Adrian’s parents were never up for this plan of their son, they did help him in packing and stuff. Adrian’s mother was still adamant about sending her son and grandson away. After all the things they had gone through, she only wished for peace and comfort for her son.

Adrian had applied for the maths teacher job in Harrison high, Bozeman. He had aced their interviews within a week and the school authorities were very impressed by his CV. He was offered the job immediately. Teaching was something Adrian had always loved.

Adrian’s parents were staying at his place tonight so they can spend their son’s last night in his hometown. Adrian only wanted to move to a different place to start afresh life, at least for Aaron.

“Be careful. It is a new place for you. You have never been there before,” his mom said as she sat next to her grandson.

Adrian looked toward her, “I know, mom. Don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”

“Can’t you tell him not to move away from us?” she asked her husband who was reading a book without minding what is happening in his surrounding environment.

He turns towards her and says, “You should really calm down and let him do what he wants. He knows what is best for him and his son.” Adrian was glad to have his father on his side. They always had their bro code activated whenever the other needed some understanding and support.

Adrian’s mom gave up on her husband and turns to her grandson who was busy crashing the trucks and cars.

“Aaro! Baby don’t you want to stay with gran?” she asked him. He lifts his head and looks at his grandmother, blinking his eyes and says, “Yes!” that is all the little boy could say at this moment. He is still learning to speak and can hardly speak a few words. Building his vocabulary is a long way for him.

When Adrian’s mother turns to him, he outright ignores her by turning in the opposite direction. He is aware of his mother’s fear and care for them. She is just looking for them just as any other mother and grandmother do. But, he had to take responsibility for his and his son’s life. This place which was his favorite at one point in his life was no longer the same for him. It held a lot of bad memories. Adrian needed to move forward in a new direction, that place was not here.

Adrian called it a night after a few beers in the balcony with his father. “Call me if you need anything.”

“Yes, Dad.”

The next morning, Adrian and Aaron were on their car journey towards their destination. Adrian opted to drive just so he can stop by and show nature to his son on their way. Although Aaron was grumpy to sit in his car seat for a long time, he did enjoy the places his father showed him.

It was a very long drive for them to their new place, but Adrian hoped it was also their way to comfort and peace in life.

It was pretty late at night when they reached their new home. Aaron was fast asleep in his car seat.

Adrian picked their luggage and placed them in the living room. He could unpack them and organize them later. After all, they have come to their new place one week before Adrian had to start his job.

Adrian picked his son in his arms and walked to the big bedroom which was furnished and placed his son the bed. They had to share the bed for this night because Adrian had to fix Aaron’s cot and bed with all the safety measures.

Soon, Adrian joined his son on the bed and placed a peck on Aaron’s forehead before he dozed off. They had a pretty good night’s sleep in their new home.

The next morning rolled in and birds chirping played their alarm. “Papa! Birds!” Aaron screamed from the window he stood near.

Adrian groaned as he got back from his deep slumber. “Hmm?”

“Birds! Papa, Birds!”

Adrian got up from the bed and moved closer to his son and picked him up in his arms, “Yeah! Birds!” he said as he looked out at the clear sky. Previously they lived in a busy city and could hardly find any birds except for in the zoos. This was a pleasant sound to wake up every morning, Adrian thought.

They came here one week before the school reopens so that they could get to know their new neighborhood and Adrian was yet to find a nanny for Aaron. While they stood near the open window and admired the beauty of the place, there was a voice, “New here?”

Adrian turned left only to see an old lady, “Yeah, just came in yesterday.”

The lady seemed nice to Adrian as they conversed for a few more minutes. And his luck by chance, she happened to know a lady who could babysit Aaron. He was quick to get the nanny’s phone number from her. And sent her a quick message before he started unpacking their stuff.

Aaron sat on the floor with his father and checked things inside the packs. He carried small packs like his toys to his room. The first thing Adrian did was to set up Aaron’s bed and arranged his room with everything that belonged to his son. He could confidently say his son loved the setting of his room as the little guy clapped his hands and looked up at his father with a broad smile.

Next thing was to set up Adrian’s room and then the kitchen. The bathroom was fixed in the morning only. Adrian’s things were easy to arrange as he had very few things. He had thrown away all the useless things and packed only the important things and the rest of the things were in his parents’ storage.

And now that everything was unpacked and organized, they only had to do some grocery shopping. Adrian got a quick shower to Aaron and himself and was good to go.

The supermarket wasn’t that far from his place. It took about 10 minutes drive to reach. Soon, the supermarket became Aaron’s playground. The little boy started running around and played hide and seek on the aisles.

“Aaron! Be careful. Don’t run,” Adrian warned his son.

“Yes! Yes!” Aaron was too much immersed in exploring the supermarket to properly respond to his father.

While running at a rapid pace, he bumped into an older girl. She looked down at him with awe and pats his head. And he gave her a million-dollar smile showing off all of his teeth.

Adrian caught up with his son and sees Aaron with a girl. She was beautiful indeed. For a moment, he was lost seeing the girl but got back to his senses soon. Men will be men, he thought as he saw his son smiling at the girl.

Adrian cleared his throat and said, “I’m sorry. He’s uncontrollable.”

The girl smiled at Adrian, “Oh no, there’s nothing to be sorry. Kids love running around. I have a 3yr old sister who does the same at home,” she said and looked at Aaron in front of her.

Aaron giggled as if he understood every single bit of what the elders were speaking.

“He looks like a troublemaker though,” she said to Adrian.

“That, he is,” Adrian said to her, only to get a glare from his son.

While they were conversing, a guy comes with hands full groceries and dumps them into the girl’s trolley and stared at Adrian.

Adrian noticed the boy and wondered if he is the girl’s boyfriend. But he looked too young to be her boyfriend.

The boy folds his arms and questions Adrian, “Who are you?”

The girl nudges his arms. “Don’t be rude,” she said to him.

“What rude? You just stand back. I’ll talk to him,” with that, he tried to shield her.

Adrian cleared his throat and said, “Umm, my son here-” pointing at the little kid “bumped into her. That’s it.”

The boy questioned Adrian again. “Are you new here? I have never seen you around.”

The girl tries to silence him but nothing worked.

“Yes. We’re new here. I’m Adrian Marcel, and this is my son Aaron Marcel,” he introduced.

“Harley,” she whispered. But he ignores her.

The boy gets elbowed by her.

“Aww! That hurt,” he hissed at her.

“I’m really sorry for my brother’s rude behavior,” she said to Adrian.

He lets out a relief breathe for no reason. “Oh, he is your brother,” Adrian intoned.

“Then what did you think?” the boy asked rudely.

Another elbow hit.

“I’m Jordan and he’s my brother Harley,” she does the introduction.

Adrian’s eyes get caught with Jordan’s eyes for a moment before she turned away and said, “Umm, actually we have to leave.” She looked at the smiling Aaron and said, “Bye.”

“Ba-Bye.” He said with his baby voice waving both of his hands at her. With that, she pushed her trolley towards the counter.

“See you again,” Adrian said casually.

“We are not!” that was Harley.

Adrian looked at Jordan once more before turning towards his son and squat in front of him. “Little man, that wasn’t a nice thing to do. But it’s fine since we got to know new people in our new place.”

Aaron giggled at his father and put his hands out to be carried. Adrian carried him and moved their trolley towards the counter but by then Jordan and Harley had already gone outside.

Adrian was not looking for a girl, at least at this moment. Something about Jordan cringed his heart that made him alert to keep his distance from her, although she sounded nice.

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