The baby shower

The day of baby shower had rolled in quickly. Riley stood in front of her mirror while wearing the light purple dress which Sarah had brought for her when they had been to shopping. She had applied light makeup and had her hair tied into a ponytail. She even remembered Michael’s distraction comment on her hair the other day. But did not care about it. Perhaps, she wanted to distract and tease him a little.

Giorgia and Alessandro were already ready and was waiting for Riley to come out of her room.

Riley’s sprayed a little perfume and took one last look of her appearance in the mirror and walked outside.

“Wow… that dress looks good on you,” Giorgia said when she saw her daughter coming out of the room.

Riley smiled, “Thanks, Michael’s mom bought it for me.”

Alessandro raised his brows and repeated his daughter’s words, “Michael’s mom brought it for you.”

“Yes, now come on, we don’t wanna be late,” she hurried her parents out of the house. For the f

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