Plans of going back to Italy

After their intense love making in the car, Michael and Riley get dressed and get into the front seats. He  drives towards her house.

“How are you feeling?” He asked out of nowhere.

She turned to him with a confused expression written on her face, “About what?”

“About going to home being freshly fucked,” he smirked knowing that Riley would be giving him a disgusting look. She hits him on his chest and turn to look out of the window. And she actually thought about how she was feeling going home after freshly fucked by Michael. The crimson shade that was spread all over her face gave it away to Michael, who was secretly taking glances at her and hoped that she would think about what she felt.

Michael laughed pretty loudly making Riley groan, “Stop it, Michael. I will kill you.”

“That’s my girl,” he said and leaned closer to her and captured her lips in a deep kiss before getting back to the driver’s seat. Riley was beyond shocked to hear him say that

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