Chapter 09

“Are you two official now?” Riley asked Jordan as they walked through the corridors of the school.

“Something like that,” Jordan said to her.

Jordan, herself didn’t know if they were. Because Adrian didn’t tell her anything about it. She hoped Adrian would talk about it today when she goes to his home. She was still in confusion about their relationship and wanted confirmation from Adrian.

“I can’t believe my innocent friend just got into a relationship. With our maths teacher at that,” Riley said. It was loud enough for someone to hear it. Jordan closed Riley’s mouth with her hands. She didn’t want that to be spread widely in school. It is a threat to Adrian’s job and she couldn’t get expelled from the school.

They were at the receptionist’s desk because Riley had to enquire Linda about something. The door of the private entry opens and Adrian walked in. Jordan couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He passed by them to the staff room. When he was about to enter the staff room, “Good Morning, Mr. Marcel,” Riley chirped. Jordan thought why does she always attract crazy people!

“Morning, Ms. Bianchi,” he greeted her and gave a warm smile to Jordan.

“You should stop eye raping him,” Riley whispered in Jordan’s ears. In return, Jordan rolled her eyes and walked towards their class.

In the class, Jordan and Adrian could hardly keep their eyes off of each other. They kept glancing at one another, every other second.

A staff from the principal’s office came to the class. Adrian went outside and talked to him for some time and came back inside the classroom with a serious face.

“Mr. Whitaker, you are wanted in the principal’s office.”

Everyone in the class looks at him. Jordan wondered what trouble he got into, this time.

“I had started to think he has got sober.” That was Riley. Well, Jordan can’t scold her for the comment. Michael did get into a lot of physical fights in the past and was almost expelled from the school. Thanks to his rich parents, his punishment ended with suspension for a few weeks.

Jordan just hoped it isn’t anything serious this time.

After school, Jordan went back home and got ready pretty quickly to go to Adrian’s home. She wore black jeans and a plain t-shirt.

Elena was teaching Lily how to pronounce complex words. And Harley was not around. It was his usual playtime, so he goes to the ground with his friends. Jordan has noticed her brother taking interest in football and has been practicing it diligently.

Jordan bids bye to her mom and kisses Lily on her cheeks and head towards Adrian’s place.

When she reached Adrian’s home, she was about to knock on the door, it opened from inside. A woman who looked like to be in her late 30s or early 40s stood on the other side of the door. Jordan was about the enquire about the woman, Adrian came out.

“Thanks for the help, Bea,” he said sweetly and smiled at her.

“That’s no biggie,” she said and passed by Jordan. Adrian didn’t even bother to introduce them.

Jordan was looking at her back when Adrian said, “Come in.”

Jordan nodded and followed him inside the house. Aaron was sitting on his high chair, wearing only a diaper. He was eating cookies. When he saw Jordan, he smiled and waved his hands at her squealing, “J.J.J.” Jordan wondered if he learned it from Harley or Lily.

They sat down in the cozy study room. Adrian started his teaching and Aaron began reading his storybook. He just flipped the pages after seeing the pictures and naming a few things which he could recognize.

Jordan couldn’t concentrate on what Adrian was teaching her. It looked simple but still, she didn’t understand one bit. She kept giving him questioning looks every now and then. She wanted to know who that woman was.

“She’s Beatrice, Aaron’s nanny if that’s what you are wondering,” Adrian said as if he was reading her mind all this time. Jordan looked up at him from her book.

He sat closer to her on the couch, “Aaron had refused to wear a diaper and later peed on his bedspread and duvet. She was helping me to remove them and replace them with fresh ones.”

“I can help you if you need anything, next time,” she said pouting. He chuckled and said, “Yes, yes, I will ask you next time.” After that conversation, they got back to the class. They did have all the intentions to study, by the way.

Jordan was packing her bag after the session. Aaron was not in the room. He was playing with his motorbike in the living room. Adrian said to Jordan, “I’ll drop you home.”

She didn’t know how to react, so she said, “That’s okay. I can go on my own.”

“I’m on my way to the convenience store. I will drop you off. Just give me 5 minutes I and Aaron will be ready to go.” He didn’t give her the chance to say anything. He just left the room to get ready.

Jordan was tucking Aaron in his car seat when Adrian came out. He opened the door for her and she got in and settled in her seat, fastening the seatbelt. Adrian started driving and by the time they reached her home, Aaron had dozed off. He might have tired himself by playing a lot.

Suddenly, the air inside the car became awkward. Neither of them had no idea why! Jordan removed the seatbelt and grabbed her bag and was about to open the door. Adrian caught her hand and she turned towards him. He looked into her eyes. And later at her lips. He caressed her cheek with his other hand while his eyes darted between her eyes and lips. And slowly, he crashed his lips onto hers. She went blank for a moment before realizing what was happening and she felt an electric shock for no reason. Her body started heating up. I should be enjoying this moment, her mind screamed lightly. They shared a sweet kiss. Her first kiss. Their first kiss.

When they were done, Jordan couldn’t see him in the eyes. She looked everywhere except him. She was shocked, confused, and happy, and felt many more emotions all at the same time. Is this how people feel when they have their first kiss. Adrian chuckled and said, “I just sealed the deal. I want to explore this with you.” Confirmation. Finally, he gave it to her!

J: We kissed!!

Rey: What?? How? When? Where? Tell me. Tell me!

J: In his car.

Rey: That must be intense!

J: No. It was sweet.

Mike: Who did you kiss J?

Jordan looked at her phone only to realize she had been texting about her kiss in the group chat she, Riley, and Michael shared. She was thinking about what to reply. Then her phone dinged again. She didn’t look at it. She didn’t want to get embarrassed more. She was already flushed. She didn’t know how to face Michael now. What would she tell him when he asks her about who was the guy she kissed!

She puts her phone into silent mode and went to sleep. Or she thought she did.

She turned to her bedside table where she had placed her phone. She took her phone and unlocked it. But, she didn’t dare look at any messages in the group chat. She didn’t want to see them, at least for now. She opened a new message thread.

My love: Goodnight, Hot stuff!

My love! she knows that’s cheeky. She sent him the message and placed the phone back on the table and closed her eyes. Her phone dinged.

Goodnight, Snow White!

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Liking it so far, just a thought, how about having the the title ‘Forbidden Math’ ?

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