Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ella's POV:

I hate the sound of my alarm clock going off on a Monday morning. Even though it's my favorite song that wakes me up in the morning, it's a horrible reminder that I have to get up for school. And school was the worst place humanly possible.

I force myself up out of bed and get dressed in a pair of light washed skinny jeans and a cute loose-fitting grey sweater. Walking downstairs, I brush my straight, long blond hair, and then, after my teeth. I used to get a lot of comments on my hair about how pretty my natural blonde highlights were, but in my opinion, they weren't all that great.

My blonde hair comes with pale skin; my mom says my brother and I get it from my dad's side. The only thing I like about my face is my blue eyes.

After I'm done getting ready, I wake up my older brother Thomas, which I do every morning. Thomas is a senior and is like any other typical teenage boy. He's confident, the complete opposite of me, and very athletic playing sports all three seasons including, football, track, and wrestling.

When we were younger, people used to think we were twins. We share all the same features, but that's about it.

"Thomas, it's six-thirty," I say, turning on his lamp that sits on his bedside table.

"I'll get up in a minute." He says sleepily.

"You better actually get up because I'm not coming back in here," I mutter and then leave, not waiting for his response.

If he doesn't get up, it's his problem. He's a senior and needs to learn how to act like one.

I walk out of his room and grab a jacket, and I throw on my white low top converse, then I'm out the door. Hopping in my truck with my book bag in tow, I head to school. I don't ride with Thomas because he has sports after school, so I just drive myself.

Reaching school, I park my truck in the student parking section and after head in. I walk to my locker and get out the binders that I need and put them in my black book bag. Shutting my locker, I turn around. Now it's time to find my friend Olivia so we can walk together.

But instead, when I turn the grocery store boy is standing right next to me, only inches away from leaving almost no breathing space. My hand fly's to my chest. I wasn't expecting him to be there, or to be even here at this school at all.

He's wearing black jeans and a navy blue shirt. He too wore converse on his feet, like me, but he wore black while mine were white. He was leaning against the locker next to mine with his arms crossed over his chest, and his very green eyes were on me.

Seeing him caused heat to rise to my cheeks immediately. I take a step back, giving us some space so that I could catch my breath.

"Fancy meeting you here, Ellie." He says with that signature smirk

I didn't even think that the green-eyed guy from the grocery store might be new here. I hadn't expected him to be here, let alone at my locker. My hands start to sweat a little bit, so I fold my arms, hoping he won't notice.

"I-it's actually E-Ella," I tell him quietly.

"I know Lil' one." He says but doesn't elaborate.

Wow, he doesn't even know me and already has a nickname for me, not one but two. Ellie and Lil' one. I mean, I guess I'm a little bit short. Only five foot three and my head reaches his muscular chest. But that's the average height, isn't it?

Realizing I don't know his name, I find the courage to ask. "What's y-your name?"

He gives me a small smile that makes my heart melt. He had a beautiful smile.

"Declan, I'm new if you're wondering."

I nod my head, "Well, I s-should go find my friend O-Olivia, she's p-probably looking for me." I say, curse my stupid stuttering. I need to leave; he's making me super duper nervous.

"Right, well, stutter along then." He says, sending me a wink.

My cheeks flush darker. I probably look like an ugly tomato, and of course, he had to tease me about my stupid stuttering. Leaving before I can humiliate myself more, I walk quickly to where Olivia and I usually meet. Checking my phone, there are only two minutes until the first period starts. Not knowing where Olivia is, I head to first period by myself.

Once in the classroom, I take my seat in the back, Olivia walks in. Olivia is the complete opposite of me. She is outgoing with curly brown hair, caramel brown eyes, high cheekbones, and is five foot seven. Everything about her screamed gorgeous.

She takes the seat next to me, giving me a weird look. "Where were you? I thought we were going to walk together."

"I know, I'm sorry. I got held up." I give her a sheepish smile.

She smiles back, "It's fine. We're still sitting together at lunch, right?"

I don't want to sit with her at lunch because, as we all know, I'm an introvert and am not good at socializing. Especially not with her other friends. Last time I sat with Olivia, I didn't talk much because I didn't fit in.

All her friends were talking about their boy problems, and I just sat there quietly. It's not like I could give advice or anything, I don't talk to boys and only talk to the few girlfriends that I have.

"U-umm, actually, I have to catch up on chemistry homework if that's alright." My voice comes out shy, letting the lie slip right past my lips.

I hate lying, but I hate being in a place where I did not belong more.

"Oh, okay. Yeah, but if you finish early, you are always welcome to join us." Olivia assures me kindly.

That's one reason why I like Olivia because she's understanding and doesn't try to make me do anything I'm not comfortable with. She knows I'm shy and that I don't have many friends.

After the first-period bell rings, I head to second period, which is English. English is my favorite subject. I don't have to try too hard in that class because it's easy, so I just zone out throughout the entire lesson.

The morning goes by slowly, but now it's fifth period, which is lunch. I walk down the crowded hallway to my locker, switch out my binders, and then head out to my usual tree.

I sit under my usual tree every day for lunch. Nobody bothers me here, and it's peaceful. I open my lunch pale and take out my peanut butter sandwich. I usually just sit here and watch the clouds while thinking. Olivia and her friends eat inside, so she doesn't know that I actually don't have any chemistry homework to do.

After I eat my lunch, I pull my phone out and scroll through social media until the period ends.

Finally, the bell rings, and surprisingly the second half of the day flies by. It's ninth period, the last period of the day. I have a study hall this period so I can get all my homework done. I don't like doing homework at home, so I try to get as much done as I can at school, so I have less to do at home.

I walk to my ninth period class, which is on the other side of the school. Keeping my head down, so I don't make any eye contact with anybody. I hate feeling like everybody is looking at me. It's nerve-wracking and causes a slight panic within myself. When I get this feeling, my head spins, and my breathing becomes shallow.

People probably think I'm weird since I keep to myself and am not like them.

Well, at least I used to be. It's like I have a switch inside myself, one day I'm that typical teenager on the soccer team. Then with a flick of that switch, I become the weird girl who lost most of her friends, while at the same time losing my decent social skills.

It's stereotypical really. If you're not the jock athlete anymore, then your name becomes lost and forgotten.

I try to focus on the color of the floor, or something that I can find to keep my mind off of thinking people are watching me. I hurry down the hall before my anxiety rises.

Reaching my study hall class, I walk in and go to the back by the window and take a seat. The bell rings, signaling that ninth period is starting. I take out my math homework, which is my least favorite subject, and start that first.

About ten minutes after the bell rings, someone walks in to study hall late. I don't bother looking up because I don't really care who it is.

"Do you have a pass?" The study hall teacher asks.

"No, it's my first day, give me a break." Says a low husky voice that I recognize.

I look up to a grinning Declan. I would never talk to a teacher like that, well more like I couldn't without stuttering. Either way, with my confidence level, it would never happen.

"Whatever, don't be late again." The study hall teacher mutters.

I hear footsteps coming my way. Finally, they stop when they're in front of my desk. Lifting my head, Declan is there staring at me.

"Hey, Lil' one, I was wondering if we were going to have a class together."

Did he want to have a class with me? I feel an unwanted blush rise to my cheeks. Why do I turn all red and blotchy around him...probably because he makes me more nervous than my usual nervousness?

"You know, you're cute when you blush." Declan states.

Does he actually think I'm cute when I blush? He's like the hottest guy in this school, and he thinks that? I don't want to dwell on it because I don't have a chance. Also, I know it wouldn't work out with my anxiety and all.

My hands begin to get sweaty from his close proximity. Because of this, my pencil slides right out of my hand and onto the floor, but not before making a clattering noise.

Heat rushes to my cheeks immediately. I'm about to reach for my pencil, but before I can, Declan is already kneeling and picking it up. He then holds it out to me, which I shakily take.

"T-thank you." I stutter.

He grins, "You're nervous."

I don't say anything. He's right, and it's because of him, I don't usually talk to boys, and they don't speak to me either. I don't understand why he's talking to me when there are plenty of other prettier girls he could be chatting with.

"What do you say we kick this joint and take a ride?" Declan suggests.

"I don't k-know, I don't really s-skip." Why would he want me of all people to skip with him?

"Come on. It will be fun." Declan pouts with a puppy dog face.

What if I get in trouble? I can't just skip with someone I barely know. Also, what if I have a panic attack? That would be so embarrassing. He already makes me so nervous as is, and being alone with him, I can't even imagine.

"What if—." I begin.

But he cuts me off, "No what-ifs, trust me. I'll make it worth your while."

I glance up at him, quickly wondering what he means by that. But the look on his face has me agreeing.

"O-okay." I don't want to get in trouble, but how could I say no to that face. I don't want to disappoint him, and I hate disappointing people.

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Kiara Colón
Not a good idea, Ella. He’s bound to get you in trouble. Let’s hope not.

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