Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Declan's POV:

I walk into school and see her. Her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders. It's hard not to notice her, she seems to light up the room. She's walking over to a girl who I presume is her friend. She looks happy to see her and doesn't even see me coming.

"Ellie, wait up." I yell walking over to the innocent girl, ignoring everyone else.

Her and her friend turn around, looking to see who called Ella's name. When they spot me, I smile at her. Ellie and her friend seem surprised as I join them.

"O-oh umm h-hey Declan." Her voice comes out shy. She has an angel's voice, beautiful and soft.

"Who's that Ella, and why didn't you tell me you were talking to a hot guy." The girl next to Ella asks, putting her hand on her hip. Ella's friend was pretty for sure, but she had nothing when it came to Ella.

Instantly she blushes and its hella adorable. She's just so damn innocent. I just want to run my hand along her warm cheeks and touch her pink pouty lips.

"Yeah lil' one why didn't you tell your friend here that you were talking to a hot guy." I tease, loving it when her cheeks flush in color.

"You're on nickname basis?" Ellie's friend questions, "Well then, I guess I'll just scoot out of here." She smiles, "But Ella, you're spilling all the details later."

Ellie gazes down, her cheeks flush scarlet in embarrassment. I smile at that, knowing I'm the cause of it. She's so different, it's refreshing. She's not fake, she doesn't put up an act. Though she's shy, she's herself, her real self.

"Oh Ellie, so so innocent." I tut.

I watch as her little blonde eyebrow's furrow, she's thinking in that small head of hers. With her friend not here, she seems much more skittish.

"Umm I should u-uhh get to class." She lets out, but won't meet my eyes. She's not trying to be rude, she's just not comfortable.

"First period doesn't start for another ten minutes lil' one. Come on, I'll walk around with you." I smile wide, she looks at me for a second before deciding. She's too polite to actually tell me no.

"A-alright." She gives in.

We start walking around the halls. I look over at her to see she's looking down. She's always looking down when she walks. It's almost like she just wants to disappear and doesn't want others to notice her. Just like when she bumped into me with her shopping cart, her eyes were down and when they finally glanced up she looked like she wanted to cry.

She starts to twiddle her thumbs which is an obvious nervous habit. It's kind of cute but it bothers me that she feels insecure. She doesn't deserve to feel that way, nobody does.

"Why do you always look down when you're walking in public? Sure you're shy but you shouldn't let that define you." I state the obvious because it honestly bothers me that she looks so scared.

She stops in obvious shock. She wasn't expecting that.

"I d-don't know, I g-guess it's a habit." She responds which is only a half truth. But I don't push her to tell me, I get it.

Suddenly I feel the urge to do something about it. I lift my hand to her chin so she's looking at me. "I see you and I see how you let your insecurities take over you." I say seriously "Don't let them."

With her chin in my hand, I can't help but notice how soft and smooth her skin is. I want to run my fingers along her face and memorize every small detail.

"I-I don't know how." Her voice comes out nervous.

I give her a small smile "Let me walk you to class."

I walk her to class, a comfortable silence settling between us. I want her to think about what I said. I want her to know she has control and she shouldn't let anyone have the power to take that from her.

After I walk her to class, I go to my class. When I walk in, the girls are staring at me. That's nothing new, they all act the same. Except Ellie she's different, she doesn't gawk over me, yeah she looks at me but not like i'm some supermodel. I walk to the back and take my seat next to Wes, my friend. He's the only person I trust, almost like a brother.

"Hey man, you alright? You look upset." Wes states, I'm sure he can sense my irritated mood.

"I'm not upset, just bothered." I mutter.

"It's about that girl, isn't it?" Of course he would know. He knows me so well and sometimes I wish he didn't. It's such an inconvenience.

Not wanting to talk about it, I ignore him but not before shooting him a 'back off' glare. I don't want to discuss it right now. It's none of his damn business. Fortunately he respects my wishes, which isn't an often thing, but still chuckles annoyingly.

Finally it's lunch. I don't eat any of this crappy poison they call food. So I take my usual seat and pull out my phone. Not too long after Wes joins me. He has that nasty cafeteria food. Of course he would, Wes loves to eat and it doesn't matter what it is.

He grants me one big smile and sits down. I take a quick look around the cafeteria in hopes of seeing her. But she's not in here, I could have picked her out of the crowd instantly. That's weird.

"So about this girl, what's bothering you?" Wes asks clearly enjoying this.

"Can you stop being so god damn nosy."

A big grin forms on his annoying face "Ouch, that bad."

I sent him a glare but it had no effect on him. I'm not in the mood to have this conversation right now, so I abruptly push back my loud screechy chair and leave not sparing him a backwards glance.

"Where are you going?" Wes yells, but doesnt get a reply.

That's when I see her from the window. Little Ellie is sitting under a tree eating her lunch. I frown after realizing she's all alone. Why isn't she sitting with her friend? I'm going to have to ask her about it.

Continuing my way out of this crowded lunchroom, I make my way outside, ignoring the lustful stares. When I'm finally alone, I reach into my pocket and take out a cigarette wasting no time to light it. The smoke filters the air, the bitter taste resting on the tip of my tongue.

Calm leaks in, stress flows out. Finally I can think clear thoughts.

Why does that girl bother me so much and why does Wes have to be right?

She's a puzzle full of missing pieces, her personality so much different than any other girl I've encountered.


Ella's POV:

I couldn't sleep last night. All I could think about was if Declan was okay. He wouldn't just start a fight for no reason, at least I don't think he would. But then again I don't really know him. I hope he didn't get hurt. When I see him today, what am I going to do? Do I act normal? Do I act concerned?

This morning I take my sweet time at my locker. I'm nervous about seeing Declan today. I don't want to bring up the fight and then have him think I'm nosey.

Getting the binders that I need for the first half of the day, I then shut my locker. I don't really want to walk with Olivia today because of what happened the last time when she embarrassed me. I slowly walk down the hall keeping my eyes averted down. The halls are flowing with students, so I doubt Olivia would notice if I went to the library before first period.

In the library I take my usual seat and pull out my phone to help pass by time. I don't like to be the first one in class because it makes me feel uneasy sitting in a class with only the teacher in it. It's way too quiet and just makes me feel extremely awkward.

At last the bell rings and I head to first period. Olivia is there, when she spots me entering she sends me her stunning smile. Taking my seat next to her, I return the smile.

"Why didn't you walk with me this morning? Were you with that boy Declan?" Olivia wonders curiously.

Of course she would think I was walking with him.

"I was in the library doing last minute homework." I say matter of factly.

She gives me a look before deciding to believe me, "Did you hear about the fight."

" kinda, wait how do you know about it?" Was I the only one who didn't know? I only heard about it because of Thomas, but then again it makes sense I don't really talk to anyone except Olivia .

"He's a jock, everybody knows." Olivia says likes it's obvious. "I heard that some guy accidentally bumped into him and Declan lost it."

"O-oh..." I mumble. Did Declan really get into a fight for no reason? Olivia did say she heard it from someone, so it could be exaggerated. Maybe Declan was having a bad day, there must be a reason. "I didn't know he was a jock." I mutter to myself.

I feel so stupid. How did I not know? He is a typical jock who skips school, probably goes to parties and gets wasted, oh and don't forget the part where he also gets into fights. I should've known. If I don't want to be noticed I have to stay away from him. The last thing I want is attention.

But is it really my place to judge? Everybody has their own issues, some more than others.

"Is he okay?" I don't know why but I feel the need to ask. I need to know.

Once again Olivia accesses me like I'm crazy before grinning. "Oh my gosh you're worried about him." She accuses me quite accurately, which is unfortunate.

I look away attempting to hide the heat that has seeped into my now rosy cheeks.

"He's fine, apparently the other guy looked much worse."

I nod my head. I can't ask anymore questions because then she'll know the extent of my worry and I don't want that.

"Well anyway, how do you guys know each other?"

"I kind of crashed into him at the grocery store with my cart." I mutter, gazing down. The embarrassment is still very fresh.

Olivia nods her head. She stares at my face for a second thinking.

"You're not telling me something."

Am I really that easy to read? I'm not really a good liar, never have been. My dad always knew when I was lying. He said I had a look and he could just always tell. "Alright fine I kinda skipped with him the other day, but that's it"

Olivia gives me a full on grin "You're the biggest good girl I know, and you skipped school?" She bursts out laughing.

The teacher looks over at us and glares. I elbow Olivia and she just shrugs her shoulders.

"Oh wait I forgot a part, you skipped school with him?" Olivia says, emphasizing him.

I nod my head. "It was his idea and I said no at first, but then he kinda guilted me into it." I mutter with a slight blush.

"Well who would've thought." Olivia mumbles quietly to herself, but I still heard her.

Olivia gives me a knowing smile, in which I look at her weirdly because I don't understand the look. She then looks at the board acting like she's paying attention, but I can tell she's deep in thought. I'm a little confused but whatever.

It's currently fourth period and I'm ready to go home. I sit with my elbows on the desk, palms on my cheeks holding my head. We're watching the movie 'Macbeth' and taking some dreadful notes. I'm not even paying attention to the movie, it is so so boring. I keep checking the clock but I feel like time is staying still.

Only a minute left and then it's lunch.

The bell rings and I'm up in a second and out the door. I walk quickly to my locker, eyes admiring the not so shiny floor. I'm just about at my locker, when I collide with something hard as a rock. The wall?

Before glancing up I prepare to be super embarrassed. If anybody saw me run into the wall, I'm sure I would never recover.

But as I peer up, I don't see the white stone wall. I see a maroon sweatshirt and dark washed jeans. Great, I literally just ran into Declan...again. Second time's a charm.

Heat rushes to my face and I quickly peer back down twiddling my short stubby thumbs. This is the second time! I'm so freakin clumsy.

I can feel Declan looking at me with complete amusement. His forest eyes sparkling, and his grin wide. Of course he would find this funny, seeing me embarrassed for like the millionth time. Uhh I'm so pathetic.

"S-sorry." I stutter out, "I u-umm didn't see you there."

"Didn't notice." He chuckles, sarcasm evident. After he's done laughing his expression turns serious. "You were alone at lunch yesterday. So you will sit with me for today." He states, leaving no room for question.

I look at him surprised, he just told me I'm sitting with him. He saw me yesterday and he cares? "Oh u-umm I don't know." I pause thinking "I don't want to bother you."

"You're sitting with me." he pauses for a second, "and you could never bother me Ellie." He tells me, ending that conversation.

I nibble my bottom lip nervously and nod my head, then open my locker. I put away my binders and take out my lunch pale. When i'm done we walk to the lunch room.

I follow Declan letting him lead me to his table. To my luck nobody's sitting at his table, so I guess it can't be that bad. I don't have to worry about socializing with anybody I don't know. Sitting down, I pull out my peanut butter sandwich, just then another person sits down.

I peer up at a blonde hair, blue eyed boy. He sits down with a tray of food. I have to admit he's definitely attractive, not like Declan but I'm sure girls find him good looking. I glance right back down so it doesn't look like I'm staring at him.

"So this is the girl." Declan's friend says, looking at Declan with a bright smile. "Hi I'm Wesley, but call me Wes." The blonde states, waving.

"Ella." I mutter.

"You're a shy little thing aren't you." Wes asks, innocent amusement dancing in his tone.

"Shut up and leave her alone Wes." Declan defends me.

Wes looks at Declan with a pouty face, Declan smiles back at him. You can tell they're best friends. I have to admit Wes is pretty funny, I let out a quiet laugh. They both turn to me and smile.

"Aww, she's so cute Deck." Wes looks down at me. That must be Declan's nickname. I blush. I can't help it. Wes is like a little kid in a grown ups body, it's funny really.

"So lil' one, why don't you tell me why you sit alone." Declan asks, clearly curious.

I look up at him and say, "I don't fit in with Olivia's other friends."

Oh my gosh I'm so stupid, why did I say that? He must think I'm a freak now. "I-I mean I like sitting in the sun." I say quickly, trying to cover up what I just said.

Wes and Declan share a look. They are obviously sharing a conversation with just their eyes. It was kinda cool to watch. I wish I could understand someone like that.

"Oh Ellie." Declan mumbles. "What am I going to do with you?"

I eat my peanut butter sandwich quietly while thinking. Then I remember the fight Declan got in. "Declan." I say nervously. He looks up at me. "I u-uh heard you got in a f-fight." I stutter with all the confidence I could muster up.

Wes and Declan smile at me. They clearly know I'm nervous.

"Yeah I did." Declan states in amusement.

"I just wanted to u-uh know if your a-alright."

"Aww she's worried about you Deck." Wes sends me a wink. Heat crawls up my neck and spreads to my face.

"I'm fine lil' one, you should see him." Declan assures softly.

I shake my head "Okay.”

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