Chapter 3 Foreign man who helps

The conversation sounded very scary, and I also thought my virginity would soon be taken away in this apartment. I was increasingly sad, and didn't know what to do. But then this man kept holding out his hand to me, who knows what he meant but he never pulled his hand back.

"I ... what should I do? Come with him or will I die with them? " I said thinking. I'm really stuck. There are vampires here and outside there are perverted men. I also folded my hand and reached the man's hand. I immediately stood up with his help. The man smiled, and he did not speak a word to me. To my surprise, this man hugged me tightly. I can't move in his arms, his arms are very strong on me. Just move, I can't. He like will not let me go. In this tight hug, I myself can feel my heartbeat which is getting faster, because I'm getting more scared and panicked.

But the longer in his arms, my feelings began to calm down so that I could breathe with relief. I felt the warmth in him, and felt he was not a bad man. But something unexpected happened to me again. This man covered my eyes with one hand, so that I could only see darkness. I do not know what happened after this. It was really dark and silent, but I had never heard that depraved security sound even the sound of the elevator door opening.

Not long after, I felt this man's hand no longer covered my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly. White light immediately filled my eyes. I saw something different, and was no longer in the elevator. I was in a large back garden. But this park is really terrible. This garden is not overgrown with flowers but rather dead plants and this is like a funeral. But I see this place far, not far from here the trees flourish. Maybe it was a jungle, because I saw trees growing soaring high into the sky and the shrubs that adorned beneath it were able to guess. The forest was terrible, really dark and not a single moonlight could penetrate it. Illuminate the bottom of the trees.

The wind blew behind me to make my horse's hair stand up, I felt there was someone behind and not only the wind that blew. I immediately looked back and was surprised to see a man in royal attire standing right in front of me.

I took a step back, and wanted to take a thousand steps but after I saw his eyes. I can't just run away. I saw that his eyes were blood red as black, and I was sure it was no ordinary human.

He also said to me, "I have saved you, then stay here for me!".

Hearing the request from him, I was surprised. I felt it was impossible to live with him here, I had to meet my mother and say something that I heard to her. I want to know what my mother thinks about what I hear.

"W-what? That's impossible, I can't stay here. I have to meet my mother, I have to resolve my problem with him "I answered refused his request.

"Huh, man! That human is indeed stubborn, otherwise I wouldn't be able to take you home. You go home alone! " the answer is to end this conversation.

The man left me, he entered a large house that could be called a palace. I was silent to hear the answer, I thought he would be mad at me but it turns out he just will not take me home.

"Yes, yes fine. I can go home alone without you! ” I say annoyed at him.

I immediately took out my cellphone, and looked for a way home with the help of maps. But my current Maps location isn't readable on Maps, while my destination location goes unreadable on Maps. This is really strange, I don't even know where it is. It's like in an isolated place.

I rushed into this big house, and looked for the man who brought me here. Set foot first time in someone else's house. Once inside this house, this house is obviously very spacious. This house also has a classic royal collection. Everything is beautifully carved, neatly arranged and not dusty in the slightest. I continued walking, but at every step I always felt a strange aura. A terrible aura of darkness. Every step I always turn back just to make sure I will be fine.

Suddenly I saw a girl in a beautiful dress down the stairs, she smiled and greeted me.

"Hi! Are you that guest Wow, welcome to my house! What is your name miss? " he said to me while smiling sweetly.

"My name? My name is An What is your name? You are also beautiful, I feel meeting a princess "

"Yes, that is so. My name is Princess Aresha, you can just call me Aresha. Did you meet with Akira? "

"Akira? Who is he?"

"Oh, so he hasn't introduced himself to him huh? He is a good man and he is the one who leads this place. "

"Oh, I see? Yes it seems I also have to look for it. Do you know where he is? There is something I want to ask him "

"Is it true? What do you want to ask him? "

"Yes, of course, I'm just asking easy things. By the way, do you know where this is? I see my cellphone, my Maps location is currently unreadable! ”

"Oh my goodness! That's true, yes that's because this place ... ah how to explain it huh? You can ask Akira about that. I can't answer! " he replied with a sad expression.

"Yes, it's fine if you can't answer it. Where is he now? "

"Maybe he's in his office, but we can't go there. He wants to comment alone, we can wait for him here. How about we sit first? Yes later Akira will also come here again! ”

"Yes, fine then, no problem!"

Then Aresha and I sat on the sofa. This sofa is very soft and comfortable. The color is also bright, and there are roses on his desk.

As I sat down, I watched the whole room and chatted with Aresha.

"Aresha, who do you live with here?"

"Yes, I live with my father and sister"

"Your mother?"

"Oh mother, you say that you are there. It's just that we haven't been allowed to meet mom. I said, I will look for mom and bring her back "

Hearing Aresha's answer, I thought about this family. Yes, it seems like this family has family problems and that means I can't keep questioning about this family. I have to ask about something else and have to be more interesting than a family matter.

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