Chapter 8 The girl who fell from the tree, Angel?

I who heard the woman's words suddenly shocked, I began to think something had happened to my family there. I think this woman killed my family. Suddenly I immediately shocked, and cried. I didn't immediately turn off my cellphone, but instead immediately saved a recording of the conversation I heard on this cellphone. My cellphone always does something automatic when contacting someone. My cellphone had arranged this recording from the beginning, and I immediately saved this recording and ended this communication.

I can't panic and overreact about my family, I immediately ask for help from other people who are none other than my old self, and now he has moved but I still keep his cellphone when I was at home with my mother. I also sent a message to her, "Morning Aunt May, it's me, An. I am okay here. I want to ask auntie for help, can you come to my mother's house? I feel my mother is in danger. Now I can't go there, I don't know where I am. My mother asked me not to go home. Auntie, don't tell anyone if I've texted you. I beg the aunt to immediately delete this message as soon as possible, and come to my mother's house. Tell me, what happened there. "

Sending messages like that is not making me calm, I think more about my mother's condition there. But how do I go home? This place is not detected by my sophisticated cellphone. The longer I think about two things, my head is made dizzy.

While under this big tree. Four men are busy practicing, they are fighting each other's strengths. They all mastered martial arts with the sword. The last brother stopped his training for a moment, he looked at his four siblings.

"Sister, soon there will be a royal festival. What should we do this time? Father and mother will definitely ask us to approach the princesses. I do not like! They all look cute in front, behind them insulting and scolding. They always want to be flattered, but because of one thing they punish others without mercy! ” said Prince Kazexian.

The three siblings who heard the words of the youngest brother immediately stopped the practice. They all looked at the youngest brother.

The first prince, Prince Kim looked at his brother with a frown and he said "Never mind, just do it like before! Running away from the girls is the best way. Father and mother just don't know the real figure behind the beauty of the girls. They are scary, and like they have no manners. "

"Yes, what the first brother said was true. I just agree if the father and mother intend to bring the princesses closer to us. But at least mom and dad know their true attitude. Do we need to unmask them? " said Prince Kanzuka.

"Yes, I don't think it's necessary. We don't need to do that, maybe the girls really don't like us. We don't need to insist. Still be yourself, be like they will not solve anything "answered Brother First.

"But is it possible father and mother let us run away again? Finally they don't leave us alone, and have almost no chance of escape! ” said Prince Kazame remembering their last event.

"Yes, that's right. I still remember that, how fortunate there are still gaps! " said Prince Kazexian while chuckling.

Then the little laughter was accompanied by the laughter of other brothers. Everyone laughed here, the lightning fast laughter was over. Then they all spoke again.

"What is the real purpose of mother and father to make a boring program?" asked Prince Kanzuka.

"I don't know, but it's not very good like that. Father and mother waste royal money with useless activities! " said Prince Kazame.

"Yes, that's right, but don't worry. Now our kingdom is in its heyday, people are prosperous and all are peaceful. Yes, even though it's not so calm. We do still have problems with the vampire clan, especially with the vampire king. We all have to be vigilant. I know why mom and dad do things like this, I've heard a few sentences from the talk of mom and dad. They want us to get married soon, and I hate that! " said Prince Kim while hitting a large tree with all his strength.

Prince Kim's blow to the big tree caused a great tremor until the leaves fell, the leaves falling toward the four princes.

At the same time, I who was in the tree suddenly felt a shake. Getting an unexpected shock, I immediately held onto this large tree trunk. I almost fell if he didn't hold fast.

"Huh, thank God! What happened? Are there wild animals below? " I asked myself. I held on for a few moments until the vibrations completely disappeared.

Under this tree, the four princes were still talking about the party.

"First brother, you hit him too hard. All the leaves are falling, can you not overdo it? " scolded Prince Kazexian.

"Ah, yeah sorry! I accidentally."

"So that's why? But in my opinion, father and mother are excessive, "said Prince Kanzuka.

"Yeah right, I really don't understand. Why do you always take care of things like this? I don't mind if I have to study harder or practice or anything, but I do mind if it is matched with a girl who doesn't know herself or a girl who pretends to be good. They are like things that are not quality, rubbish! ” said Prince Kim while hitting the big tree again with all his strength.

Foliage fell again.

While in this big tree, I have seen who made a great vibration and almost made me fall from this tree. He is none other than a man who hit a tree with all his strength, along with three male friends. He did it again, and I could not survive well. I was released from my grip, and I fell from the tree along with falling leaves.

"Aaaaa ...... !!!" I shouted with fear that almost made me die.

I thought falling from that tree would make me die, but it didn't. I fell and hit someone below.

"Brukkkk!" the sound of myself falling on a man below him. Falling upon the man with his position above his body, because falling from a tall tree I was immediately unconscious. I fainted not only because my body hit this man's body, but also because my heart was weakening. I don't know what happened after that, everything has gone pitch black.

Prince Kim hit the big tree twice now receiving his karma, as a result he was dropped by a girl. All the brothers were shocked, they immediately helped the first brother.

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