Puzzled Dream


I saw my reflection sitting and huddled in the corner wiping the tears on my eyes.

Nobody knows the real me. Nobody knows how many times I've cried in my room when nobody was watching. Nobody knows how many times I've lost hope, how many times I've been let down. Nobody knows how many times I've left like I'm about to snap, but I just don't, for the sake of others. Nobody knows the thoughts that go through my head when I'm sad, how horrible they truly are. Nobody. Knows. Me.

I saw how messy I am on that picture until a hand came and offer me to stand up.

"Baby I will be by your side, I will stay by your side, I will be with you forever, I love you and I will always love you"

Who was that?

The sad face I once had become like a flower that blooms. 

"You are safe with me I promise. And when you get scared:  look me in the eyes,

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