Is this a dream?

Jordan pov

"Yes, babe, I'm about to sleep now, yes. Sister Kim is with me" I answered and ended the call.

Honestly, I really don't like Amanda, my current girlfriend, why? Because she's too clingy, she wanted me to update her, to give her every detail that I am doing, I looked like a bird inside a cage that doesn't have any freedom to make myself happy.

" Who's that?" My sister asked

" Amanda, " I answered boringly.

" What's with that facial expression?" She stared at me while her hands are crossed on her chest

" You know what Sis, it's better to put your hands on your waist, like this" I stood up from sitting and went on her direction and put her hands on her waist

" And why? Do I look prettier on this position?" She asked while smiling

"Of course not, that position is better for you to have a shape, whenever you put your arms on your chest you look like a walking stick, your chest is flat, I think my chest is bigger than yours," I said and chuckled

" You!" She shouted and pulled my hair

" Ouch, that hurts, I am just joking," I said while laughing

" Don't ever say those words again"

"Why I'm not even lying I'm stating the fact"

" Tsk, go out, go buy juice, I want to drink orange juice," She said and pushed me out of the house.

I started walking when I accidentally saw a guy walking on the shore, attempting to end his life.

I hurriedly run next to him and pulled him out from the water

He keeps in struggling to escape from my hand, but I didn't let him go.

After we reached the shore he started crying, he cries like a baby.

He touched my face and I was shocked when he mentioned a familiar name.

" Di.Dilan?" He asked

" No, I am Jordan" I answered

He looked so scared, We are in that position when my sister came rushing.

"What's happening?" My sister asked

"Sis, he almost drowned himself earlier," I answered

" Wait let me check, " Sis Kim said while she slapped his face gently

" hey..buddy.. are you okay?" She asked

" Ye...Yes.. sorry" He answered and slowly stood up but he lost his balance, gladly I am standing at his back, I immediately catch him on my arm

We brought him inside and offered water

" What do you think you are doing earlier? By the way, my name is Kim, my sister said.

I left Joash to my sisters care and went inside.

I'm still wondering why he called me Dilan earlier, I don't know but that name sounds very familiar, I'm not sure now if that name is one of my patients, old friend or colleagues.

I shook my head and stared to them, I saw how Joash cried, his eyes are almost sticking out from his eye sockets.

I went to my room to get handkerchief and towel, after getting the things I needed I came back and handed the handkerchief.

Here" I offered, I saw how my sister and Joash shocked facial expression. I think they are having a heart to heart talk.

" You can have my brother," Kim laughed

" What!?" I shouted

" Kidding, I just want to lighten the mood up," My sister said and pulled my hand

" I'll just get some snacks, okay, Jordan stays with Dilan for the meantime," She said and stood up.

I gave her a what-am- I going to do look.

She just smiled at me

" Everythings gonna be alright," my sister said before walking

I sat next to him and held his cold hands tightly, I can feel how scared he is, as a psychiatrist I know what people feel.

He was about to stand up when I pulled his hands.

" Where are you going?"  I asked

" I already consumed too much your time I think I need to go to my room and take a rest," He smiled and answered

" Are you sure that you are fine now?" I asked

He nodded and smiled, he continued walking, I followed him and saw him took a deep breath and with his eyes, he stopped for a moment and continued walking to his room.

" Where's Joash?" Sis Kim asked

" He went home already" I answered

" He looks very scared" She added

"Uhhmm" I answered

I was about to walk to my room when I remembered Dilan's name.

" Sis, do you know a person named Dilan?" I asked I saw how shocked my sister was.

"Wh-why did you asked?" She said stuttering

" None, Joash said that name earlier after I saved him, I think that was the name of his boyfriend," I said

I saw how my sister's eyes widened, she even dropped the glass of water that she was holding.

"Hey, are you alright?" I run next to her

"Yes--Yes" She answered

" Are you hiding something?" I asked

She immediately started at me and shook her head

"No--Nothing," she said while picking the broken glasses on the floor.

" Ouch" She shouted

I saw blood came out in her index finger.

" There's something wrong," I said and continued picking the glasses.

My sister went to her room, I throw the glasses on the garbage bag, as I entered the house I saw her sitting in the living room carrying an old box.

I remember that box, my mom always hides that below her bed, after she passed away my sister took it snd hide it, I thought that box is just a toy or something, but it turned out to be an important weapon.

"What's that?" I asked while walking inside

"You are old enough, you need to know the truth," She said

I can see the water in her eyes.

This is serious, I can feel the tension inside the house, I can feel that something bad is about to happen.

"Come here, " She said

I walked and sat in front of her. She took a deep breath snd wiped her eyes.

" Promise me you won't get mad at me after," She said.

I smiled.

" What the heck is really happening? I'm getting scared now"

After I mentioned that name, the positive and jolly aura of my sister changed into a serious and scary one.

She took a deep breath before opening the old box.

" The thing inside this box is really important, Mom told me to show it to you when you are already old, old enough to accept everything, to understand what really happened back then," She said

"These pictures are the only one left, the others were included on our house when it was burned down, I was 6 years old back then when you are still 1 year old," She said

She slowly flipped the photo.

"Wh--what?" I shouted. " That's me?" I added

I took the photo from her hands.

"I'm sorry, I did not tell it to you, I run out of courage to tell it to you way back then, but right now, you need to know everything, you need to know the truth," She said

I stared to her who looked scared, I smiled and took the box.

"Are you not mad?" She asked

"No" I answered," I am happy because you told me everything, by the way why all things inside here are for two people, same designs?" I asked

I brought out everything inside the box, all of the things inside it are paired, two pairs of same designed small sleepers, two cute hand gloves and two cute shirts.

I am happy exploring what's inside the box when I touched a photo album, I opened it and was shocked by the photos.

" Wait, " I said as I flipped every page of the album.

" Who's this, why we are four here? What's going on?" I asked

"That--that is..."

The only thing more shocking than the truth is the lies the people tell to cover it up.

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