Truth lies!


I woke up because of the rays of the sun hit my eyes.

I gently stood up and sat on the edge of my bed, I took a deep breath and gently closed my eyes, I wore a fake smile on my face to cover the pains I am experiencing.

" You can do it Joash, " I said, cheering myself up.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a bath, I was in that position when a sudden flashback appeared.

" My name is Jordan, "

Fuck, I need to meet that guy again, I need to talk to him, I took a quick shower and hurriedly dressed my self,  after fixing my self, I ran to the lobby and went to the house of Jordan.

" Hey, Kim, " I said and smiled

Kim, Jordan's sister stared at me, her eyes are swollen and red, she tried to smile but I can still see sadness through her eyes.

" Are you okay?" I asked

She took a deep breath before answering " Yes, " then she nodded.

" Why are you here?" She asked

We are still standing facing each other.

" I just need to see Jordan, I need to verify something" I replied

" I know," She said

"You know that-?" I stopped talking when she opened the gate and let me in

" He's inside his room, just go directly," She said after pointing the door of Jordan's room.

I don't know but my heart started beating wild, it feels like thousands of horses are running inside it, my breathing began to heavy.

I took a deep breath before knocking.

" Come inside, the door is open," He said

I slowly opened the door and saw him sitting in front of the window. I cleared my throat to get his attention.

He faced me and smile.

My eyes widened, He really looks like my baby.

I walked near him and touched his face, I saw how shocked he was but he stayed still, his eyes are locked on mine

" Di--Dilan, you look exactly like my boyfriend," I said, tears started crawling down my face.

" I miss you, " I said

He looks exactly just like Dilan, His pointed nose, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and pouty lips, his Adam's apple is exactly as Dilan's.

" I'm Jordan, I'm not your ex-boyfriend," He said

"Why, you looked like him? Why?" Tears are continuously falling down my eyes

" Because I--I am--" we stopped talking when a girl came inside.

" What are you doing!" She shouted

"Amanda? why are you here?" Jordan asked

" Is that why you are not answering my call? Because you are having an affair with a gay? when did this start? You know that this will ruin your image as a psychiatrist!" She angrily said I can feel how disappointed she is right now.

"No, you misunderstood it, " Jordan explained.

" I've been hearing so many things about you, how close you are to gays, I didn't believe it, not until today, You are both disgusting!" She shouted and ran out of the house.

Jordan followed her, I left alone inside his room, I roamed around and saw every picture frames he has, he's posing, his smiles, his body posture is like Dilan, He really is Dilan.

Is he Dilan's twin brother? But Dilan did not mention anything about this, He always tells me everything, he is the only son of his father and mother, he lives with his sister, sister Liz and that's all.

I'm getting confused and scared right now, I went out from his room and sat on the couch in the living room, I saw Kim staring at me, I can see the sadness on her gazes, I simply smiled.

Jordan Pov

I was sitting here in my room in front of my window when I saw Joash came and spoke with my sister, last night, after that incident, I felt bad to my sister, I know I promised that I won't be mad at her, but reality really hurts me.

"That--that is your twin brother," Sister Kim said

I dropped the album that I was holding, I felt scared.

"Wa--wait, what?" I asked

" Yes, you heard it right, Jordan you have a twin brother, he is Vinz, I still vividly remember everything that happens to us back then, we were bankrupt, our house was taken away by the banks since Mom and Dad can no longer pay it, they can no longer feed us until one day we saw a couple who are crying inside the Church asking God for help, for them to have a son, it was really a hard decision for us especially to mom, I remembered that time, we were about to go home when mom and dad went back inside the church carrying Vinz, they were there for almost hour, I fell asleep on the bench outside the church, the thing I remember when I woke up is that Vinz is no longer part of our family, we went home without him, mom continuously cried that time, her eyes are almost sticking out from her eyes sockets, Dad drowned himself with alcohol while I am there wondering what's happening, I went inside our room and saw you sleeping, Vinz is no longer on your side, at the age of 6 I thought that they gave Vinz as a gift to that poor couple but as I grew old and starting exploring the world I've learned that they sold my baby brother, it hurts me, it hurts me that I even hated Mom and Dad but then I'm very thankful because we survived, and as I see you grow I know Vinz grow as handsome as you, I'm sorry I was not able to tell it to you earlier, I'm scared, I'm really scared that this will happen, I'm sorry" She explained

" But, why? You should have told it to me way back then, now, now my twin brother is dead, how am I going to hug him, to love him and to see him, it's too late, he's gone!" I shouted and run inside my room.

"I'm sorry" The last word I heard from my sister.

I wiped the tears on my eyes, I already cried a lot last night, I came back from my senses when I heard someone knocked on my door.

" Come inside, the door is open, " I said

Josh walked inside, I saw how shocked he is while staring at me, he walked slowly and as he reached me, he touched my face, he started crying, we were on that position when Amanda came inside.

What a nice timing, I glared

I was explaining my side, explaining that this us just a coincidence and misunderstanding but Amanda did not listen, she runs out from my room, I followed her, I need to explain everything, this is bad, I need to fix this as soon as possible, I don't want Amanda to spread my secret, she is the only one who knows my dark side, this is also the reason why I can't break up with her, she holds the biggest secret of my life that no one should know.

I keep on running, following her when she rode her car, I tried dialling her number but she's not answering.

What am I going to do?

This is frustrating.

I went inside our house and saw Joash sitting on the couch while my sister is standing staring at him.

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