I met him, again


I stood up from sitting when Jordan came home.

He stared to his sister and stared back to me.

"I'll go home now," I said

"No, stay here, wait for me, I'll just change my clothes and come with me to the cemetery where you buried the body of my twin brother." He said

" Wait, what? Twin brother? Do you mean Di-Dilan? Dilan is your twin brother?" I asked while shaking my head.

That's why they looked like,  I'm still confused right now, Dilan did not mention anything about this.

"Yes, he is my long lost twin brother, it's a long story, just wait for me here," He said and walked straight to his room

" Sis, go change your clothes, we need to visit and pay respect to our brother!" Jordan said in a scary tone of voice.

I glanced to Kim who is smiling.

They both went inside there rooms wh

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