139 | a scary night for the chocolate boy of the town.


I was in the studio, recording, when my newly hired secretary, Daniel, ran to me, his eyes creased with worry. I stopped midway through my vocalizing as Daniel raised his hand and tapped against the glass door three times. Tap. Tap. Tap.

I stopped the practice at once, stepping out of the room and cornering him. "What happened?"

"Your sister gave you ten missed calls," He said, holding up my phone. "Maybe you should call her back? It might be an emergency?"

I took the phone from him, my own face turning into a mask of worry and confusion as I saw the consecutive ten missed calls from Camille. Before I could call her back, the phone in my hand vibrated to life once again, her name flashing across the screen. I picked it up instantly, halfway through the first ring.


"Cam," Her terrified voice flooded across the call and my back instantly stiffened. "Cam, there's someone in the house. They just broke in. I am—"

"Mille, Mille, listen to me," I said, my heart beating
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