140 | the bachelorette party.


Keeping all terrifying stalker incidents in the back of my mind, I could not be more excited for today. It was finally my bachelorette party day, and I was promised a hell of a night!

"Are you sure I do not need to dress up?" I frowned as Caira tied the blindfold around my eyes, and tugged at the knot, making sure it was tight enough. "I mean, it is a bachelorette party. That too mine, nonetheless."

"Just have a little faith in me, Shay," Caira said, clicking her tongue. Then, she grabbed my hand with enough force to crush my bones, as she led me forward. The marble of my house was replaced with the cobblestones of the driveway soon enough, and before I knew it — we were climbing into a car. I was still in the same suit I had worn to office today — and when I had come back home, I had found Caira and Daadi lazily flipping through a magazine while Caira said something to Daadi that was apparently funny enough to make her throw her head back and laugh. When Caira's dark e
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