141 | the bachelor's party.


I already knew what was coming, and yet I was not ready.

"We are finally here!" Dominic added, whistling as he strolled through the gates of the VIP section of the club with a lazy ease. "Got this whole place, all to us tonight. Isn't that crazy?"

"You know what's crazy? Talking when we are in a club! Let's eat first! Then dance! And then talk!" Harris said as he walked to the bar-restaurant and slammed his fist against the counter. "Four deluxe cheese burgers, four fries, and two bottles of whiskey please!"

"Are your friends always this excited?" Easton asked, sidling up to me. Today, he had dressed down from his ties and suits and had worn a plain black shirt and grey pants instead. I nodded in answer to his inquiry.

"They almost always are. They're like my recharging stations," I added, shrugging. In a nearby mirror, I caught a reflection of myself — in a black and white striped shirt and black pants, a silver chain around my neck, my hair tousled and slicked ba
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