142 | the rehearsal dinner.


Before I knew it, the weeks passed by in a blur. In between the wedding preparations, office work, and so much more — I had been rendered completely and visually exhausted. While I was aware that weddings meant big responsibilities — I was pretty quickly heading to a complete burnout, which I reckoned wasn't all that good of a look for a blushing to-be bride.

"My God," I said as I rushed down the stairs, and right into Caira's embrace. She patted my back as I sighed. "I think I will be collapsing any moment now."

"Do not worry, as your maid of honor I pledge to be standing behind you all the damn time so that I can catch you when you fall," Caira said sincerely as we walked towards the car. I bid the security guard goodbye. "And as your maid of honor, I can also attest to the fact that weddings are majorly stressful. What's the point of big, fat weddings anyway? Just do a registration and you're done for."

"We will do the registration on the morning of the white veil w
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