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This place was awfully romantic. And if I hadn't been here with my hand in Cameron's, I'd have found this place beautiful, but disgusting, because there was just something in the air here that made you want to be here with the love of your life.

Thank God I was married.

Cameron and I walked on the two-kilometre trail that circled the island. Every nook and corner of this little private island had absolutely mind-blowing scenery. Warm seawater doused our sandal clad feet as we walked along the sea-shore, our feet digging into the muddy sand further with each step. Good God. If someone had told me that God had specifically hired an architect to design this heavenly place, I'd have believed them in a heartbeat.

"I am hungry," Cameron said, breaking the silence as he tugged at my hand. "Do you wanna go have dinner?"

I turned my head to look at the horizon, and the sun was about to set. I turned back to Cameron, nodding. "Let's go the room first. Let's change into better cl
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