147 | the accident.


It was our last night here in the Philippines. It had officially been two weeks since we had enjoyed the green foliage and the blue waters that this heavenly place had to offer, and no matter how many times I was seeing the exact same scene — something new always seemed to appear that made the place even more beautiful. Two little undiscovered juts of rocks on the western point of the island. Thousands and thousands of seashells buried in the sand on the eastern tip. This place always had something new to offer.

"My, I am going to miss this place terribly," I said as Cameron and I took in the serenity of this place for one last time in a long period of time, our bare feet stretched out in front of us, as we sat under the shade of a palm tree, our backs against the thick trunk, as the slivers of moonlight escaped in through the blades of the leaves. I sighed happily as I rested my head on Cameron's shoulder, quietly listening to the waves breaking against the sand and th
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