149 | natasha or akash?


I gained consciousness after a whole day, they said. And counting today, I had been here for three days now.

The doctors tried to figure out what exactly had gone wrong with me to lose my consciousness for twenty four hours — but they found nothing wrong. I had plenty of abrasions on my skin because of the windshield glass piercing my skin, I had muscle and tissue wounds due to the seat belt digging into my skin, and I apparently had gotten a blow to the head as well — resulting in a concussion and some kinda… serious blood loss. I had a broken ankle, hairline fractures on my arm — but everything else was good. I had just given the doctors, my family, and everyone a good scare — because getting a trauma to the head and then slipping into a state of unconsciousness for over twenty four hours was apparently not the most assuring combination.

But it was all okay — because my baby was safe.

With my free hand, I scrolled through the multiple unanswered emails on my phone, t
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