150 | the years after — the epilogue.


Two years later…

I got into my car, finally catching a break since the morning from when I first stepped foot into my office — and I heaved a sigh. My designated driver drove me to our destination — the Sengupta-Taylor residence, which was so devoid of grandeur and striking quality from the outside that never in your wildest dreams would you even think that one of the biggest pop stars of this decade was staying happily in that house as a house-husband.

Cameron's third album, Will There Ever Be A Tomorrow? sold one point five million units in the first week, breaking and surpassing all records. The album is still on the top 100 billboards chart, two years later, and was a critically acclaimed album that swept up nine grammys and tons of the other awards. Cameron was named as the artist of the year, and had broken the record of getting the most awards internationally for a single album in a year. To say that I was proud of him was an understatement. I gestured to the dri
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