02 | adiós , tonto niño.


"Mhmm. Jesus Christ." I whispered as I felt Easton grip my hips harder and press another hot kiss to the scorching skin of my inner thigh, even though we had just finished a round that left both of us quite satisfied.

"Shay, all my life I was under the influence that you and your family practised Hinduism - and yet here you are, taking Jesus' name. Has my whole life been a lie?" Easton chuckled against my skin and I felt the vibrations pass through my skin.

"I don't think of which God's name I am taking when a guy goes down on me, Easton."

He shook his head, pressing more butterly kisses to my thigh. "Taking God's name while sinning - you're going to go to hell, Sengupta."

"Duh. Need to explore the hell of every religion, you see."

"Mhm, I don't know if you will see me there, though." He muttered, shooting me a sly smile,"I am such an angel."

"Of course, you are."

"We are talking about such things while fucking, I can practically see our names being underlined in red in the hell attendance register or whatever."

"Yeah, well, then you can see me there." I chuckled, grabbing his face and bringing it to mine as I pressed my lips to his. "But I won't even say hi, so don't hold your breath."

I felt him smile against my mouth as he grabbed my waist and tugged me onto his lap. "Of course, you won't. It isn't Shay's style. Shay's style is pinning you to the wall and greeting you with her mouth on yours."

I grinned, my lips skidding to his neck as I bit on his skin gently and felt Easton let out a hum of pleasure. "You know it, asshole."

"Of course I know it." I felt him speak against my skin as his hot breath trailed along the side of my face as he finally rested to nibble on my ear.

Our little rendezvous was disrupted when my phone rang for the third time. I reluctantly took the call this time.


"What the fuck, where the hell are you? Do you even know what the time is? The Taylor family is coming in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes."

"Fucking hell." I whispered as my eyes snapped to the clock and widened as I took in the time. From the corner of my eye, I saw Easton giving me an alarmed look.

"Oh no no, don't tell me that you lost track of time!" Bryan's horrified words yelled from the other side of the phone.

"Oh fuck, I am leaving right now, I will try to be there as fast as I can." I mumbled as I ended the call, rushing to find my clothes that were scattered all over the room.

"Here is your jeans." Easton spoke up, his trousers already on, as he tossed the jeans to me.

"Thanks, East. Gotta Zayn now, or Baba will have my head. I absolutely forgot about this formal dinner thing we had." I rambled on struggling with buttoning my top as I suddenly felt Easton's hands on my back, as he helped me button up.

"Darn, Sengupta. I know I am good in bed but, I didn't know that I am so good in bed - that persuades girls to even have their heads beheaded."

I shook my head, combing through my hair furiously with one hand as I flipped him off with my other one.

"Anyways, this is the last of me you're seeing for like the next two months or so, got to join Pops in his business to Hong Kong. He wants me to watch the tactics and learn." He mumbled as he pressed a chaste kiss to my neck.

"Hm, enjoy & stay away from any type of waters - even if it is a pool, you hydrophobic twat. Not like I care." I shot back looking at his smirking form in the mirror.

"Neither do I, Sengupta. Celebrate my absence & try to steer clear of Stan."

A disgusted sigh left my lips at the mention of his name. "Eh, Stan. Isn't he living with his brother in some place far away? What do I have to be aware of?"

Easton's hands rested gently on my waist as he sent me a gentle look. "Stan is coming back, Shay."

I felt my insides twist into a knot at his name.

"Oh. I don't care." I said as I turned around and grabbed his collar and guiding his mouth to mine for a goodbye kiss.

"Good. I still can't stand you by the way, Sengupta. Adiós." He replied with a lazy smirk as he walked up to the door and held it open for me.

"Adiós, tonto niño." I whispered with a slow, wry smile as I grabbed my bag and keys and stepped out.

He gave me a mock salute as I turned around and almost sprinted towards my car, signalling hurriedly to the driver.



"Dad, are you sure this shirt is appropriate for the dinner?" 

"It is just a dinner, Cam. I have known Abhijeet since forever, there is no need for such formalities. You do not have to wear such a fancy shirt if you don't want to."

"Oi mate, I'm wearing black, I hope you're wearing something black too! Let's match, we are siblings after all." Mille's voice resonated from the next room.

"Sometimes I can't help but wonder if we are related or you were just adopted and I fail to remember ; and many a times, I conclude with the latter thought." I yelled back.

"How rude of you, dear brother!" Mille gasped dramatically, leaning at the doorway as Mom burst in the room, shaking her heads as she saw us bickering.

"Hurry! What's taking you so long, Max?" Mom yelled as Dad's eyes widened in slight alarm and his hand started combing quicker.

I smiled at my family softly and at that very moment I felt my phone ring. Reaching for my phone quickly, my eyebrows furrowed slightly at the unknown number for a moment as I finally took the call.



As the very familiar voice cooed into the phone, I felt my heart skip a beat for a second.


"Cameron bebé, surprised to have my call?" 

I was about to give a sweet response when I felt my insides churn. The betrayal, the pain, the dread washing over me, again.

"Yes, very surprised ; because if my memory isn't failing me, I remember telling you to never contact me again."

"Come on, don't be so salty."

"Why did you call me, Amber?"

"Why, can't I just check up on the man I spent my best years with?"

"You mean - the man who you betrayed and ruined and cheated on."


"What is it, Amber?"

"I miss you."

I felt myself believing her words for a split second.

"But I don't. Goodbye, Amber."

Her throaty chuckle filled my ears and I could almost feel her shaking her head as she mumbled something under her breath in Spanish.

"Adiós, tonto niño. We will meet soon."

"No, we won't." I spat out as I ended the call before she could reply.

"That Amber bitch is asking to be stabbed by my brand new Jimmy Choo stilettos." Camille exclaimed as I shook my head and patted her hair fondly only for her to swat my hand away.

"Come on! We don't want to be late and disrespect the Sengupta family now, do we?" Mom yelled as everyone quickly shuffled out of the hotel suite and rushed to the car - the car that the Senguptas were kind enough to send.

It was going to be a long, long night.


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