Once Wanted to Be with You Forever
Once Wanted to Be with You Forever
Author: Mo Shengge

Chapter 1 She Had Only One Man

The rain was pouring down in mighty cascades.

Ye Wanwan, who was heavily pregnant, was rushing towards the emergency room with Bo Qianqian, her dear daughter, in her arms.

A bright scarlet torrent of blood was flowing down from between her legs, but she was utterly unaware. At that moment, her only thought was to make sure her precious daughter would be fine.

Bo Qianqian was certainly not in good condition. The doctor gave her only the briefest examination before pushing her directly into the emergency room.

The sharp pain in Ye Wanwan's stomach was driving her wild. She knew that she was about to give birth.

However, with no one else waiting outside the emergency room to look after her daughter, she could not enter the delivery room at ease.

Trembling, she took out her phone and called Bo Qing, her husband. "Qing, could you please come to the hospital? Qianqian has been in a terrible car accident, and I'm about to give birth. Please take care of her for me..."

"Hey sis, Brother Qing can't come to the phone since he's in the shower right now... You know what? His libido is just crazy. I'm also in the late stage of pregnancy, but he's still knocking on my door for sex every single night."

It was not the voice of Bo Qing coming from the other end of the line, but that of Ye Wanwan's younger sister, Ye Ke'er, who was not related to her by blood.

Ye Wanwan's hands shook, and the phone almost fell from her grasp.

"Bo Qing is with Ye Ke'er.

"Taking a shower...

"He wants to have sex with her every single night...

"But of course. If he hadn't had sex with her, how could she have gotten pregnant?"

Suppressing the sobs that were threatening to choke her, Ye Wanwan yelled at the woman on the phone, "Ye Ke'er, give the phone to Qing! Who told you that you could answer my husband's phone!? Don't forget that he's your brother-in-law!"

She would never have been bothering to make this call and risking humiliation if it weren't for the urgency of the situation.

Her daughter had just been caught up in a horrible traffic accident, and she herself was about to have a baby, but now another woman had picked up the phone of her children's father.

"Who is it?"

Ye Ke'er touched her swollen belly and was about to say some biting remark to Ye Wanwan when Bo Qing, completely drunk, came staggering out of the bathroom after having finished vomiting.

"Oh, it's my elder sister." Ye Ke'er put on an anxious expression. "Qianqian has had a car accident. Brother Qing, could you go and check on her, please?"

Upon hearing the name Bo Qianqian, Bo Qing's naturally unwelcoming face instantly turned even frostier.

"Bo Qianqian isn't my daughter. Whether she lives or dies has nothing to do with me!"

Bo Qing took a step forward and grabbed the phone from Ye Ke'er's hand. "Ye Wanwan, get lost!"

"Qing, please come to the hospital. I am feeling terrible, I..."

"Feeling terrible?" Before Ye Wanwan could even finish her words, Bo Qing interrupted her abruptly, "Ye Wanwan, you betrayed me and gave birth to a bastard, not to mention that you've hurt Ke'er time and time again. In my eyes, you deserve to die!"

With that, Bo Qing abruptly hung up.

As his words sank in, Ye Wanwan lost control of her body and couldn't help sliding down against the wall.

The violent uterine contractions were leading to massive blood loss, but except for the coldness in her heart, she could not feel pain, sadness, or any emotion at all.

She had loved Bo Qing for ten years and given him the best years of her youth, staying with him throughout his slumps and his eventual return to glory. What she had received in return, however, was nothing more than the sentence: "You deserve to die!"

Tears rolled from the corners of Ye Wanwan's eyes silently, blurring her vision.

He had said that Qianqian was not his daughter, but she had only ever had one man in her life. “How could she not be your daughter?”

He hated her, raged against her, and slept with Ye Ke'er.

She had given her whole heart to him, but he simply crushed it in the palm of his hand.

In a daze, Ye Wanwan saw the door of the emergency room open. She wanted to ask the doctor about Qianqian's condition.

However, before she could manage to rise to her feet, her vision dimmed and she fell into a world of darkness.

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